Name Meaning: Blessed, Happy

Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Title Second in command in St. Louis - under Jean-Claude

Nicknames: 'mon chardonneret' (my goldfinch) by Jean-Claude

Powers: flying, to use his laughter to touch from a distance, cause true orgasm with his bite, cause his lover to "flash back" to orgasm,

Weapons .10 millimeter Browning

Fears Musette

Age over 400

human servant Julianna

Animal: Hyena

had sex with: Julianna, Jean-claude, Belle-Morte, Anita,

Height: over 6'
Hair:shoulder length thick-waved golden that is nearly metallic in color
face:scars cover the right side of his face, beginning a little before the midline of his face, allowing his nose to be perfect.
body: There is no scarring on his pale neck, and then it begins again on his shoulder, moving downward.
Skin tone:pale



* Asher, Jean-Claude and Julianna were a ménage à trois in the past for longer than Anita has been alive.
* Jean-Claude's mother was dying, so he left them to go and visit her. The church then took both Juliana and Asher. Juliana was burned at the stake as a witch, while Asher was subjected to holy water being poured onto half of his body - the right side - resulting in major scarring. At the start of BO, he hasn't forgiven Jean-Claude for not coming back in time.
* Although Asher is strong enough to hold a city of his own, he doesn't, and he stays in St. Louis.
* Asher was with Belle Morte long before Jean-Claude came into the picture. When Asher found Julianna, Belle Morte was jealous, but she didn't do anything because of the rule never to harm a human servant.
* Asher has to protect Julianna from Arturo's attentions.

Burnt Offerings

* Asher's master is the same as Jean-Claude's, who is Belle Morte (Beautiful Death) and he came to St. Louis to represent her for the council against Jean-Claude.

Blue Moon

* When Anita went to Myerton to get Richard out of jail, Jean-Claude had Asher come with her. He was the one to initially try to negotiate entrance into Colin's territory.
* Because of Anita's marks with Jean-Claude, she has his memories of Asher so the two of them have a bond as well.
* Currently, Asher is in consultation with a plastic surgeon to see if his scarring can be fixed or not.
* Nikki tricked Asher into thinking she was Anita. Asher had been hoping it was Anita, wanting to be with her. But Nikki almost killed him instead.
* When Anita offered her blood to heal him, he was able to roll her with his mind, which both thrilled and frightened her.

Narssus in Chains

* Asher's hair is longer in NiC.
* Asher admits bitterly that there are three people for whom he would willingly strip and reveal his scarred body, including his sex - Richard, because he enjoys shocking his heterosexual sensibilities, and Anita and Jean-Claude, because he loves them.
* Anita's arduer recognizes Asher, possibly because it stems from Belle Morte.
* When Asher had been scarred, Belle Morte refused him in hers and Jean-Claude's bed. She was disgusted by his face, and this has scarred him emotionally.
* Although Asher is a master vampire, he has no animal to call, and though older than Jean-Claude, Asher is weaker than he is. In addition to that, his bite can bring true sexual release, where Jean-Claude's cannot. When Asher bit Anita in BM, he drew back before giving her an orgasm, because he was being a gentleman.

Cerulean Sins

* Asher comes to get Anita, to tell her Musette has arived.
* Asher is afraid of Musette
* Anita, Asher, and Jean-Claude become a ménage à trois.
Incubus Dreams

Danse Macabre

* He gains power from Jean-Claude and Anita feeding on Augustine
* He is angry that Jean-claude won't be his lover
* Micah promises Asher that they will all talk about his grievences when the other Masters leave
* Asher feeds from Anita during sex, nearly killing her.
* Asher gains a Animal, hyenas
* Asher says he had thought that neither Anita nor Jean-Claude loved him but now he knows they do.

Appearance BO, BM, NiC, CS, ID, M, DM