Race: Vampire

Status: undead

Title Master of Chicago

Nicknames: Auggie

Powers: make people fall in love with him

Age over 2000

human servant Octavious

Animal to call lions

had sex with: Bunny, Anita, Jean-Claude, Belle Morte

Hair: short blond
Eyes: charcoal gray
body: broad through the shoulders
face: delicate



First his power was to make people like him, then it became to make people love him. But the love was two sided. Eventually he learned to cause love in others without causeing it in himself.
Belle sent him away because he used his power to make her love him
has been a mobster since the 1930's

Danse Macabre

When he greets Anita he uses a little power on her, she use a little back and she stripps him of his camouflage, he was useing power to appear ordinary.
He brings out the Ardeur in Anita, then she and Jean-Claude feed off Augustine and his people.
They realize that Augustine used his power on Anita, not only making her love him but him to love her.

The Harlequin

Appearance DM, H