Captain Pete McKinnon came to Animator's Inc, because he had a firebug and he was hoping Anita could investigate. She agrees. Larry calls and asks if Anita can drive him home.

Anita scolds Larry as she drives him home. He was supposed to stake two vampire victims who had dying wills. An unidentified woman carted in a third body, but Larry refused to stake him. It turned out that it was a vampire doctor. Larry went for a smoke and when he returned, she was trying to use one of his stakes to kill the doctor. She ended up using it on Larry's back instead. She was with Humans First. Anita gets beeped and needs to return the call. She drops Larry off at his apartment.

Anita returns the phone call and gets Stephen. His friend Nathaniel is in the hospital and he wants Anita to come and pick them up. But Zane gets on the phone and challenges Anita's authority over either man and hangs up on her. She makes a beeline for the St. Louis University Hospital.

Anita took her gun and replaced the first two bullets with regular ammunition. The rest were silver. She then arrived at the hospital and ran towards the commotion. Zane had thrown several doctors against the wall and was carrying Nathaniel out of the hospital room. Anita shot him with the iron bullets, and then warned him the rest were silver. Zane broke down crying, relieved that Anita was taking over leadership of the pard, much to her surprise at the thought.

Irving stops by the hospital room while Anita was with Stephen and Nathaniel. She's angry that the policeman on duty, Officer Wayne, didn't stop him, because he was too busy talking with a pretty nurse. Irving tells her about Sylvie moving up in the pack and forbidding anyone from helping the wereleopards. He convinces Anita that she needs to be lupa and put Sylvie in her place. Then, Irving gives Anita some phone numbers of tough but submissive pack members so she can have some bodyguards for Stephen and Nathaniel. Richard is out of town, but still grieving for his loss of Anita.

Dolph showed up since the police were called in. He reprimands the officer, who comes in with news that Stephen's "family" is here to see him. Anita informs him that they are pack members. Dolph leaves and the three are allowed inside. Kevin, Lorraine and Teddy hesitate giving their allegiance to Anita. Their power leaked to her, though, and through it, Anita was able to touch Richard and use him to assure them she is their lupa, before he shut off the connection. They accept her and get to their knees, sniffing her skin when the nurse walks in. She tells them she will get Dr. Wilson, and leaves as fast as she can.

Anita went home to change for her date with Jean-Claude. She wore a black spaghetti strap dress so she can get to her gun more easily. As the restaurant, Anita and Jean-Claude negotiate what to order, since he can taste food through her.

While having dinner, Anita and Jean-Claude are met by Balthasar and Yvette. There is posturing on both sides - Balthasar tries to show off his strength by squeezing Anita's knee and she pulls her gun on him - and then they leave. Jean-Claude fills Anita in on some information about the vampire council, and they decide to leave as well.

Entering the parking lot, they meet up with Asher who gives them the official invitation to meet with the vampire council. Asher is massively scarred on the right side of his face. Asher and Jean-Claude exchange words, the former bitterly, the later with regret. Asher must ride in their car to direct them where they must go, and Anita demands to search him for weapons, which Asher finds amusing. However, he is determined to hurt Jean-Claude through Anita.

As they drive, Jean-Claude realizes that he cannot sense his people. Asher explains that the Traveler has been preventing him from sensing them. Jean-Claude directs Anita to drive to the Circus of the Damned.

They arrive at the Circus of the Damned and Asher tries to intimidate Anita with his scars, but it doesn't work. So he flies off.

Liv comes out to confront them and Jean-Claude realizes that she is the one that betrayed them all. The Traveler had given her power in return for betrayal and she tried to use it to roll Anita's mind, but Anita broke free. Jean-Claude then confronted Liv for her actions while Anita recovered and got more weapons from the secret compartment in her Jeep. Edward had left her a mini-uzi as a present. Jean-Claude had ripped out Liv's throat and together with Anita, they enter the Circus.

Anita and Jean-Claude see a bloody skin nailed to the door. Liv, her throat mostly healed, tries to torment Anita with the knowledge of the owner of the skin and Anita shoots out both her kneecaps.

Going downstairs, Anita and Jean-Claude meet the Traveler who is using Willie's body. He explains that Jean-Claude should have taken a council seat after Mr. Oliver had been killed. But Jean-Claude knew that he'd never be strong enough to hold it. The Traveler then tests Anita's power and Jean-Claude gives her strength to resist and recover using Richard and the power of the triumvirate.

Fernando comes in with two wereleopards, dragging Hannah with him. When he hit her, the sight was enough to break the Traveler's hold on Willie and he leaves. Padma enters. Anita threatens to shoot Fernando if he doesn't let go of Hannah. Padma makes his son do it. He then unleashes his power on Jean-Claude and Anita.

Jean-Claude was able to withstand Padma, but at the cost of his warmth. The Traveler, now in Hannah's body, allows Jean-Claude to take his warmth back from Anita. He does so without drawing blood. The Traveler then suggests that Jean-Claude look for his people. Jean-Claude realizes that Damian is in danger, so he and Anita go to investigate.

Anita and Jean-Claude that Warrick has spitted Damian with his sword through his heart. Willie and Hannah follow. Anita senses Damian through her necromancy link and suggests she can keep Damian's soul from fleeing if Jean-Claude pulls the sword. Anita wonders if Warrick will reveal this nuance to her power, but the Traveler admits he has been listening while incorporeal. He takes over Willie's body again and watches. Jean-Claude invokes a ritual and then pulls the sword out. Since Anita's hand was over Damian's heart, the action cuts her hand and her blood drops into his wound. Damian's soul remains because of her blood and later, he fears Anita for what she has done to him.

Yvette comes back in with Jason on a leash. She punishes Warrick for protecting Jean-Claude and Anita while they healed Damian by rotting his insides. Jason is terrified and tries to break free. Eventually Jean-Claude gets him from Yvette and backhands her to the floor.

Jean-Claude unties Jason while Yvette left. The Traveler, in Willie's body, tries to trick Anita into allowing him to harm Willie, but she forces the Traveler out. Willie calls Anita his master. Anita then falls into unconsciousness from the effort.

When Anita awoke, she was resting her head on Jason's lap and Jean-Claude was arguing with Padma. Rafael was on a table, his back missing skin. They were arguing for Rafael's freedom and Anita made sure that they got it. Sylvie was chained to a wall and when Anita went to her, she realized that the werewolf had been raped. Fernando bragged about it and Anita softly promised Sylvie that Fernando was a dead man. They were all allowed to leave.

Rafael and crew were treated by Lillian, but he refused to be fully treated until he spoke with Anita and discovered what she sacrificed to get him out, but she explained that he was a friend and cost nothing. Later, Anita talked with Sylvie and Gwen. Sylvie explained that both Gregory and Vivian refused to rape Sylvie because of Anita and were subsequently punished. Liv helped Fernando to rape her instead. Anita goes to call Jean-Claude.

Anita calls Jean-Claude on the phone to discuss freeing Gregory and Vivian. He tells her more about the council and then listens to the limits she has on what Jean-Claude can do; no rape, maiming, actual intercourse, or hostages. Dolph then beeps her twice and she tells Jean-Claude she has to go.

Anita is met by Detective Perry, who fill her in on the details. A human was bit by a vampire at Burnt Offerings. She set him on fire with alcohol to protect herself. Harry, the vampire (a part owner of the restaurant), is worried that she will sue because of a similar case at the Crematorium in Boston (another vampire-owned restaurant). Anita assures him that she will speak with the "victim."

Anita goes to the police station at 3 A.M. and bumps into Zerbrowski first. He leads her to Dolph and they pass through the station where stuffed penguins are on every desk. She is brought to Vicki Price, the supposed victim. After questioning, Anita determines the girl is acting, with a vampire boyfriend who gave her the bite. Dolph lets Anita go.

Anita drives back to the lycanthrope hospital and meets with Zane and Cherry. They were released by Padma along with Vivian and Gregory. But the later two could not walk out on their own power and were left behind. After checking with Jean-Claude, Anita decides to go in and rescue them. But first, sleep. Cherry makes it known she will not go with them, but Zane will.

Anita wakes up and senses Richard approaching. Both their senses are hyperactive because Jean-Claude isn't awake to buffer the marks between them. Richard is mad that Anita invoked her lupa status in order to protect Stephen and Zane, but she argues the necessity of it. Richard then tells her he is there to back up Anita to get Vivian and Gregory out.

Richard takes Anita to the Circus with Zane and Cherry. Richard forced Cherry to go and Anita is mad at him for it.

They meet up with Jamil and after another spat between Anita and Richard and subsequent truce, Anita opens the door with her key and they go in.

They meet with Gideon and Thomas who takes them downstairs. They catch Fernando raping Vivian and Gregory with both legs broken. Richard attacks Fernando with the intent to kill him. Jamil tries to pull him off and Richard crushes his throat. To calm Richard, Anita is instructed by Thomas and Gideon to call Richard's beast to herself. Richard and Anita end up in a passionate embrace and Richard is calm enough to call back his beast, using it to heal Jamil. Gregory needs his legs rebroken or they will heal wrong. Fernando is still alive and Gideon urges Anita and crew to leave. They take the wereleopards and leave.

They return to Anita's house where Lillian is caring for the injured. Vivian won't let any male touch her. Anita tries to carry her inside and falls on her butt in her newly planted flower garden, complete with butterflies. When Cherry carries Vivian in, a butterfly comes to Anita and she senses vampiric power. Warrick is in the woods in full daylight, cloaked against the sun. He wants to tell Anita information, but is bound by Yvette's oaths. But he does discover he is a master vampire and his animal to call is butterflies. He then leaves.

Ronnie and Louie come to the house and Anita fills them in. Richard and Anita lash out at each other because of Jean-Claude's gifts around the house and only after Anita kicks people out of the kitchen does she cry with Ronnie.

A delivery man comes with flowers from Jean-Claude, but they are yellow roses. Anita and Ronnie's guns bring him down but not before Zane is fatally shot.

Cherry makes an inclusive bandage for Zane so he will live. The others try to guess who might have sent the hit man because no one recognizes him. Ronnie later confronts Anita about Richard and Anita lets her in order to get her mind off the hit man. Anita agrees with Ronnie but admits her attraction to Jean-Claude as well. She is screwed.

Dolph calls to inform Anita about the hits on vampire-owned businesses, including The Leather Den (an S&M gay shape shifters club). The Church of Eternal Life was bombed and Dolph tells Anita that Pete needs her there because of Malcolm. He also tells her the hospital was hit, but Stephen is safe because of the police and "Stephen's cousins." After Anita hangs up the phone rings again and it's Pete. He asks a few questions and verifies that Anita is coming. After hanging up again, Anita goes to change.

Anita has to leave. Ronnie is worried about the dead body but Anita tries to comfort her. Richard wants to know what happened and Anita points him to Jamil. She gets in her jeep and nearly backs over Richard. He is angry because she didn't tell him his wolves were in trouble, but Anita notes she is the only one to help because Richard wants to keep his Ulfric status secret. He tells Anita he is replacing her as Lupa and Anita drives away.

Anita arrives and discovers Lorraine handcuffed because she saved a cop by attacking and seriously injuring one of the shooters. Anita argues with Padgett and gets Lorraine's cuffs off. The cops are jumpy so she asks if Teddy, Lorraine and herself can go in Stephen/Nathaniel's room. Anita promises Nathaniel he will never be hurt again and agrees to be léoparde lionné to heal him, but isn't sure how.

Stephen gets Anita to touch Nathaniel and that opens the gates to allow her to hear him. She ends up channeling Raina to heal him. After she discovers what she did, she screams. Stephen holds his hand over her mouth to keep it to a whimper.

Anita tries to understand what has occurred. Stephen explains that she channeled the munin. Anita tells them to go to her house and she heads off for the Church of Eternal Life.

Anita gets beeped by Dolph, Pete and an unknown caller. Dolph is with Pete at a vampire half-way house where they heed her assistance. The unknown is Larry who needs a lift as he is in pain from his stitches.

Anita and Larry talk shop on the way to the half-way house for vampires.

At the site, they are met by Detective Tammy Reynolds. Anita goes to Dolph who is with Pete. They approach Captain Fulton who gives them the low down of the situation.

Dolph allows Anita to talk to Caroline, a two-biter who has info about the house. the vampires - even the younger ones - have been rising during the day and they don't know why. Anita suspects the vampire council.

Anita calls Jean-Claude about the idea of asking help from the vampire council. He is shocked and makes Anita promise not to bargain with them at all if she asks.

Anita calls the Circus and gets Thomas who will get someone to return the call. The Traveler returns the call and Anita tries to get him to prevent the younger vampires from rising. After much bantering, he ends up refusing, claiming it is Malcolm's job to do so.

Anita has problems getting ready in the Haz-Mat suit. Then she, Tucker, Wren and Tammy are ready to go into the building. Wren leads them through the house and lets Anita take over at the stairs to the basement.

They find some floating coffins, but two are missing. the first coffin has a female with long hair. the second has a male who is over six feet tall. Wren tries to get him in the bag, but he awakens and attacks the fireman. Anita eventually kills him and orders everyone back upstairs. Tucker is taken and Anita tries to save her, but only kills the vampire. Another one takes down Tammy and while Anita tries to help, she is attacked again. She kills two more vampires before she falls unconscious under water.

Anita wakes up on site, vomiting water, then it goes dark and she wakes up in the hospital. Larry fills her in. The Traveler took over the revenants attacking Tammy and Wren, saving them and has postponed the "dinner" Anita must attend in order to pay for the wereleopards' release. Dolph comes in and informs Anita that Humans First was responsible for the attacks on vampires. Vicki was involved because she had a boyfriend in Humans First and was dating Harry to get him to betray the vampires. Harry is now missing. Dolph thinks Anita will tell vampires and see Harry killed. Anita ends up being disappointed in him.

Anita is released from the hospital. She finds out that the fires were also in San Francisco and New Orleans. Anita suspects the Vampire Council again because they visited those cities. She tells Jean-Claude as they prepare for the "dinner." When Anita is kissing Jean-Claude, Richard walks in. It is painful on all sides and then, they leave.

Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard arrive with Jamil, Damian, Rafael, and Jason. Ernie, one of Jean-Claude's workers who wants to be a vampire (think apprentice), is suspended over a warming pan on a banquet table. When Jean-Claude demands an explanation, Padma notes he neglected hospitality towards the council. Thomas and Gideon join Padma. Jean-Claude figures out it is merely band standing. The Traveler - in a body of a Church member loaned by Malcolm, still tanned - and Balthasar join them. There is more talk as Yvette, Warrick and Liv come out. Anita exchanges a few words with Liv and then Asher comes out. Anita must feed one of them. As Fernando walks in, Anita announces she would rather have Asher do her than anyone else. Wereleopards come in, Elizabeth included. Richard would have forced them back to human form, despite Padma's power, but JC holds him back. Asher then claims Anita as first victim of dinner.

Although Asher wants to hurt Anita, she wins him over because she shows genuine care towards him, kissing his scars. Yvette wants Jason, but Anita makes sure she will not rot because that would be torture and Jean-Claude bargained for no torture. Anita ends up holding Jason while Yvette feeds. Richard aids her through the marks, allowing the pack to flow through and comfort Jason. When it's over, Padma demands Richard. Anita can't be close to so much power and allows Jean-Claude to carry her away.

Padma and Richard seem evenly matched till Padma cuts his power loose. He tries to force Richard to change. Anita gets the OK from Jean-Claude for her idea and then goes up to Richard, calming his beast. Padma responds by calling Raina's munin out of Anita. Padma then thrusts power into Jean-Claude, causing him to bleed. Anita stops fighting Raina and embraces her power, using it to capture Padma's heart. She can kill him now. She asks if he was a good Hindu, banking on his belief in karma. She gets the council to agree no more punishment for Oliver's death, and gets the lives of Liv and Fernando for the pack.

Yvette still wants Jean-Claude to pay for being a traitor, but the Traveler, Padma and Asher disagree. She calls out Harry, revealing her involvement in the vampire killings. She wants Asher to kill Jean-Claude while he is weak and become master of the city, but Asher refuses. She calls out Warrick and announces her intent to make vampires monsters again, but Warrick stops her by burning her and himself to death.

The council goes home, Richard approaches another pack for a lupa candidate, the wereleopards call Anita Nimir-Ra, Fernando and Live are dead, Anita is paying for Nathaniel's apartment but he wants to move in with her, Asher stays in St. Louis, and Jean-Claude and Anita finally christen her new bathtub.