Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Job: Bouncer at Guilty Pleasures

Age around 40

Hair: black crew cut
Eyes: small pale
body: massive shoulders



Although he is a vampire, he is newly dead. Estimated that he's no more than 20 years dead.
When he smiles, he flashes fang, a dead giveaway for the newly dead.

Guilty Pleasures

He is at the door of Guilty Pleasures when Anita, Catherine, and Monica get there. He and Monica know each other.

Lunatic Cafe

He's guarding the doors of Guilty Pleasures, he tells Stephen he missed his set and Jean-Claude is mad.

Incubus Dreams

He saves Anita and Nathaniel from the fans.
He talks to Anita about his problems with Primo.

Appearance GP, LuC, ID