Name Meaning: Cherry Fruit

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

Job: nurse

had sex with: Zane

Boyfriend: Zane

Height: under 5'6
Hair: very short blonde
face:strong, triangular
Skin tone: pale
Voice:low contralto and very sexy sounding



Cherry is a nurse. When she is in "nurse mode" it is like she is a different person. She doesn't act like a "monster" when she is needed to help save a life.
She has a tendency to dress very slutty. She generally goes topless beneath her fishnet top, but wears a bra when she is around Anita.
Cherry had lost her leg in a hit-and-run accident and Gabriel offered to give it back by making her a lycanthrope.
Because of Raina and Gabriel, she and the other wereleopards are trained "bottoms". They are the submissive partner in a dominant-submissive interaction.
Cherry's blonde hair used to be long, but she cut it off after spending a night with Raina. It was the price for not having to participate in Raina's pornographic films.
Cherry and Zane are cover hogs. Cherry wasn't bad on her own, but put her with Zane.

Burnt Offerings

Cherry only accepted Anita's dominance over her because she wanted to escape Padma and his torturing.

Blue Moon

In BM, we learn that Cherry and Zane used to be lovers, but they aren't any longer.

Narssus in Chains

Cherry is a poor choice in a battle, but she is very clear-headed and gives the best after-action reports.
Although she doesn't really acknowledge or notice it, Zane appears to have set his sights on her again.
Chimera captured her and had Abuta torture her. She healed everything that the snakeman did to her.

Cerulean Sins

She's the one that comes to tell Micah about Gregory.
Cherry is sleep in Jean-Claude's bed with Anita, Zane, Nathaniel and Micah. When Zerbrowski calls she answers.

Appearance BO, BM, NiC, CS