Anita is in a meeting with Leo Harlan, a contract killer, who says he wants Anita to raise an ancestor of his.

Anita is at Lindel Cemetery to raise Gordon Bennington. Anita meets Lt. Nicols, they have a nice conversation.

Anita raises Gordon Bennington as a zombie. After they put him back, Asher shows up.

Asher tells Anita that Musette has arived. Anita and Asher go to the Circus of the Damned.

Anita and Asher arive at the Circus of the Damned. Damain show up, saying he was sent by Micah. Anita relizes Damain can help Anita control the ardeur.

Inside the Circus, Anita has trouble with the ardeur. They relize Damain can help Anita control the ardeur.

Anita meets Musette. Musette first taunts Damain, then Anita and Jean-Claude.

Musette continues to taunt Asher, and again tries to taunt Anita. Musette begins to hurt Asher.

Anita attacks Musette. Belle takes Musette's body. Talking to both Jean-Claude and Anita. Anita tells Belle to go away and she does. Musette and her people are taken to their room.

Anita and Jean-Claude are in his room talking. They relize Asher is the only one they can't protect completely from musette.

Asher comes to the room. Anita convinces Asher she truely loves him. Asher kisses Anita for real, for the first time.

Anita, Jean-Claude and Asher get intamite.

Anita, Jean-Claude, and Asher have sex.

Jason pulls Anita from between Jean-Claude and Asher, takes her to the bath. Anita passes out.

Anita wakes up in Jason's bed with Jason. Anita relizes the orgasm she had with Jean-Claude and Asher. Anita talkes to Dolph, seems there are two crime scenes for her to look at.

Anita and Jason drive to the first crime scene. Anita has trouble getting past Officer Jenkins.

They get to the crime scene and Anita is really shaky.

Anita and Zerbrowski go through the crime scene.

Anita and Jason drive to the next crime scene. They make it only to be tormented by reporters. She runs into Merlioni, and speaks with him.

Dolph is angry with Anita for bringing Jason to the crime scene. Dolph drags Anita to the bodies. Anita Throws up and Passes out.

Anita wakes up in the bathroom with Tammy. Tammy says she's pregnant and becomes angry with Anita because she won't say that she is pregnant. Perry brings Jason to Anita and Jason takes Anita out of the house.

Anita wakes in a tub with Micah. Through her link with Jean-Claude Anita realizes some creature sent by Belle has been feeding on Jean-Claude's energy and through him, her. Anita calls the Circus to have them put up more guards on their "guests". Then her and Micah talk.

Anita wakes up to Micah and Cherry talking. It seems Gregory called and he is upset, his father contacted him. Micah goes to get Gregory and Zane brings Nathaniel to sleep with Anita.

Anita dreams of Belle-Morte. Belle-Morte awakens the Ardeur. Anita has sex with Jason.

Anita is in the shower when Jamil comes. Richard is injurd and need to use Anita's tub.

Anita is in her room when Nathaniel comes in. Nathaniel tells her that Zerbrowski is on the phone. Anita tell Nathaniel that they are going to the Circus and for Nathaniel to pack while she's on the phone.

Anita goes into the kitchen to find Caleb there. He took a message from zerbrowski for her. Caleb tells Anita he has to stay with her.

Anita, Jason, Nathaniel, and Caleb are on their way to the Circus when Belle starts messing with Anita. Belle says she gave Anita the first mark and she tries to give Anita the second mark. Jason helps save her.

Anita is still in the car with Nathaniel rapped around her legs. They realize someone has been following them. Belle tries to come back, but fails. The mother tries to take her, showing her images.

Anita starts to see Caleb as prey and the others realize that they are still being followed. Anita and Jason go after Caleb to eat him. Richard stops her from eating Caleb, turnning the hunger into the ardeur.

Anita runs into the Circus, to Jean-Claude while Richard hurts in the woods. Anita feeds the Ardeur off Jean-Claude. Asher comes in the bathroom and Anita's cross glows, letting them know he did something.

Anita, Jean-Claude, and Asher are in the bedroom talking, the talking turns into an arguement. Asher leaves, and Jean-Claude kicks Anita out.

Nathaniel comes and tells Anita that the people that were following them are outside. She tells Nathaniel to stay inside and goes to find Bobby Lee.

Bobby Lee and Anita talk about what to do about the people in the car. Claudia comes to help.

They trap the two men in the car. The police come.

Anita meets Detective O'Brien, a female Detective, who at first doesn't seem to like Anita. Anita finds out one of the guys tailing her is a real bad ass.

Anita finds out more about the man following her.

Jean-Claudia calls Anita and tells her that Jason has been arrested.

Anita goes to RPIT to get Jason. She runs into Jessica Arnet. Anita finds Dolph is not on leave (like Zerbrowski had said). Dolph freaks out. Anita leaves with Jason.

Jason injoys that Anita notices him now. Anita and Jason talk about the case.

Anita tells Bobby Lee about Heinrick.

Anita gets distracted by how beautiful Asher and Jean-Claude look. Anita, Jean-Claude, and Asher talk about what has happened and kiss and make up.

Stephen does Anita's hair and make-up, Micah comes in wearing more holes then cloth. They talk about Belle and their company.

They arive at the banquet and Anita wonders about the plates on the floor. Jean-Claude and Asher try to talk to her but she's acting weird. Valentina and Anita talk about the Mother of all Darkness. Damain comes, telling them that Richard is coming. Merle is upset about Paolo "pawing" Micah and Nathaniel.

Bartolome and Valentina are tormenting Stephen and Gregory. Anita tells them of the twins past, making the child vampires sorry and upset about what they did. They find out Musette knew about the twins past. Anita orders Musette sent to her room. The wererats try but can't, her animal to call is rats. Two strange vampires show up to protect Musette (they belong to Mother of all Darkness), Anita shoots them. Belle takes over Musette's body.

Belle is angry with Jean-Claude and Anita. She tries to take Micah but Anita calls her beast and blocks Belle from the leopards. Belle goes after Asher.

The wolves shows up. Jason tried to stay with Anita, but Shang-Da takes him. Jamil tries to separate the twins Anita gets argry at Richard, they begin to fight when Musette/Belle interups saying she will torment Richard after she finished with Asher.

Belle brains Asher of life, leaving him bearly alive. Anita tries to help Asher, her cross glows. Angelito rips the cross away. Belle goes after Anita, Richard tries to help but Belle threatens him with with the ardeur. Jean-Claude comes to Anita's rescue, Belle goes after him and Richard catches Anita. Anita feels complelled to go to Asher. Belle stops the fight. Jean-Claude is sourdre de sang of his own line. Cherry says she thinks asher is dying.

Asher is dying. Anita Belle a choice if Asher dies so does Musette.

Anita realizes that Belle is trying to bind Asher to her again, Anita stops her. Anita and Jean-Claude decide to try and bring him back themselves.

Asher rolls Anita, and heals himself. Belle and her people leave, except Valentina and Bartolome.

Anita is in bed with Micah, Nathaniel, Zane and Cherry. Zerbrowski calls theres been another murder.

Anita goes to the crime scene. It's a red mess. Anita and Zerbrowski talk.

Anita checks the tub full of body parts. Bradly shows up.

They find out who the murderer is. He is an assosiate of the men following Anita and the bodyguards from the cemetary. Anita talks to Bradley.

Zerbrowski and Anita argue with O'Brien about questioning Heinrick.

Anita gets all the information from Heinrick the get a officer down at Van Anders place.

Anita gets to Van Anders place. She gets a call, and an excution order for Van Anders.

Anita askes Richard for a loan of some wolves. He says yes. He tells Anita he's desided to live.

Anita tracks down Van Anders and kills him.

Anita talkes to Bradley on the phone, cuddled up with Micah and Sigmond. Nathaniel comes with Charrolotte Web.

Dolph is on leave. The twins father is still in town.