Name Meaning:

Race: human

Status: Alive

wife / husband:
Childern:one girl (Beverly) and four boys (Glenn, Aaron, Richard and Daniel)

Hair:short blonde



* Charlotte is Richard's mother and is a very dominant woman. Anita notes that she is the one that wears the pants in the family.
* All of her male children are cowed by her. Beverly, and the wives of Glenn and Aaron were not only not intimidated, they often clashed with Charlotte.

Blue Moon

* Up until the events in BM, Charlotte did not know that Richard was a werewolf, much less the Ulfric of the Thronos Rokke Clan.
* When Richard is accused of rape, she goes to Meyerton TN and ends up confronting his accuser, Betty Schaffer. Anita has to pull her out of the bar before she starts a commotion, although Charlotte is able to dump a glass of beer on the woman. When Betty slaps her, Charlotte returns the favor, making it a punch.
* Both she and Daniel are eventually captured by Frank Niley and used as hostages. She is raped by Deputy Thompson and Linus cuts off the tip of her pink finger.
* Although Linus tried to offer her body and soul to a demon as a sacrifice, the demon is unable to take her because she is not evil. In the end, Anita rescues her.
* While she never spoke of that night, the first Sunday night at Richard's house after getting out of the hospital, she breaks down in the kitchen and cries. It is Anita who comes in to comfort her.

Appearance BM