Anita is talking to Ronnie about being afraid that she's pregnant. Ronnie tells Anita she's jealous of the men in Anita's life. Micah and Nathaniel come home and Anita kisses them to welcome them home. Ronnie gets jealous and blurts out that Anita may be Pregnant, shocking the men.

Nathaniel starts yelling at Ronnie because he's sick of her cruel comments towards him. He eventually tells her she needs help and gives her the card for his Psychollogist. Ronnie leaves. Micah, Nathaniel and Anita talk about the maybe pregnance.

Anita, Micah and Nathaniel get to the Circus of the Damned, Graham greets them. Graham tries to act dominate but ends up begging for forgiveness. Graham says he wants to have sex with Anita, and that Requiem has stopped having sex with Meng Die in hopes that Anita will choose him to feed the Ardeur from.

They reach the bottom of the stairs and are met by Clay telling them that Jean-Claude is gone somewhere and Anita has to meet the Masters without him.

Anita enters the room and greets Auggie. He uses his power to make himself appear 'normal'. She meets Samuel and his wife Thea. Thea uses magic on Anita.

Thea tries to force Anita to kiss her. When she can't force Anita, she tells Anita that she thinks her sons are sirens. She needs another siren to bring them into their power, but there are are no more sirens. She wants to taste Anita's power to see if Anita can do it.

Anita and Thea kiss. Thea tries to use the power to put Anita with one of her sons, Tom. Anita gets angry and decides to greet Auggie's people first. Auggie's Mistriss makes rude comments to and about Anita, Auggie has her sent away. Anita greets Auggie's werelions. While formally greeting Haven her beast rises, Joesph tries to stop Anita from biting Haven. Haven and Joesph fight. Joesph wins. Auggie tries to control Joesph. Anita steps in. Auggie and Anita meet in the middle to test their powers against each other, Auggie awakens the Ardeur.

With the Ardeur riding them, Belle Morte possesses Anita. Jean-Claude shows up. Belle shows Anita some memories of Jean-Claude and Auggie "together". Jean-Claude drives belle out of Anita, leaving them with the memories and the Ardeur.

Anita, Auggie, and Jean-Claude have sex. Jean-Claude and Anita feed the Ardeur off Auggie and his people.

Jean-Claude and Anita take a bath. Richard shows up.

Richard is angry about what he felt them do to Auggie. Anita and Jean-Claude talk to Richard about what happened and whats going on.

Anita holds Richard in her lap while Jean-Claude rubs his back. Claudia tells them that Samual and his son Sampson are there.

Jean-Claude, Richard and Anita come out of the bathroom. Asher is there with Samuel and Sampson. They sit and talk about Anita bringing Sampson into his sirenhood.

Jean-Claude and Samuel talk about about wheather they they can trust each other. Everyone finds out Anita maybe pregnant.

They talk a little about the maybe pregnance. Micah and Nathaniel proves he won't back down from Richard anymore.

Nathaniel stands up to Richard. Valentina shows up, she tries to roll Sampson's mind and fails. Nathaniel leaves with Valentina back to Bartolome.

Anita and Richard fight. Claudia and Richard fight. Sampson and Samuel leave.

Anita takes the pregnance test and it comes back positive. Anita tells the men that she is pregnant. They try to comfort Anita, but they end up comforting Richard. Then Richard leaves.

Asher leaves. Anita, Micah, Nathaniel, and Jean-Claude get ready for bed. Anita realizes she feels strange about Jean-Claude now that she's seen him have sex with a man. They talk about Anita's feelings. Anita gets over her bad feelings. They go to bed and get intamite. Jean-Claude says he will leave, Anita asks him to stay.

Anita has sex with Micah, Nathaniel, and Jean-Claude.

Anita, Micah, Nathaniel, and Jean-Claude fall asleep. Anita dreams of the Mother of all Darkness but is saved by her wolf.

Anita wakes in the room with the other standing around the bed. Her wolf tries to shift her butshe fights it. Richard comes and Anita sees into his thoughts, he would stop loveing her. Anita decides to bring out her leopard instead. She usesher lion and leopard to chase away the wolf. Anita give the leopard to Nathaniel but that leaves the lion. Anita sends for lion and Auggie's lions come, along with Octavious.

She give her lion to Haven. Anita and Richard fight. They say they both love and hate each other.

Anita and Jean-Claude are in the bath again but this time Micah is with them. They say Anita maybe a panwere. Remus comes in saying that he and Claudia want Anita to have astrong lycanthrope with her whereever she goes.

Anita comes out of the bathroom and Elinore is there. They talk about the gained power and Requiem shows up. They check Requiem's wounds and talk about what happened. Requiem begs Anita to feed the Ardeur off him. They talk about Anita attracting him. Anita says she'll try to feed the Ardeur off Requiem. They decide to test to what degree the Ardeur is effecting people.

Truth, Wicked, and London join them and they talk about the Ardeur and it's effects. Anita realizes she has made Requiem her slave, Anita is upset about it and they talk about how to free Requiem.

Anita frees Requiem. Anita's Necromancy tastes the vampires in the room. Requiem says he still wants Anita to feed the Ardeur from him. Everyone but Anita, Jean-Claude, Requiem, and the guards leave. Jean-Claude gets upset when Anita covers the bite mark Requiem gave her, saying she's ashamed of them. Jean-Claude wants Anita to feed from Requiem. Asher comes and is able to roll Anita while he feeds from her. Anita decides to try to be more reasonable. Asher starts to talk to the baby. The whole thing makes Jean-Claude happy.

Anita calls her doctor. She makes an appointment and they discuss possible problems.

Micah brings Anita food. Anita and Micah talk. Anita breaks down and cries.

Anita is subconsciously trying to break free. She realizes she maybe killing Damian. Jean-Claude and Asher try to break the sheilds. When the sheilds break Anita gets memories of Jean-Claude and Asher with meny different people. Then Nathaniel calapses.

Anita must feed the Ardeur to save Nathaniel and Damian. Requiem and Anita get intamite.

Requiem won't finish what he started. Anita's power reaches out to find food and London comes. Anita feeds from him.

London goes to clean up. Requiem leaves. All the guards leave. Richard brings in Damian. Asher teases Richard. They find out Asher is angry and Micah promises that they will sit down and talk. London comes out of the bathroom, he is drunk with power. London is addicted to the Ardeur.

At the maternity room. Anita and Richard are both really nervous. The doctor comes telling Anita that he thinks she's haveing twins because she test positive for both Mowgli and Vlad's syndromes. But since Anita's blood work is negitive for pregnance then she may not be pregnant at all.

Dr. North does the ultrasound and Anita isn't pregnant. The think she tested positive for Mowgli because she also tests positive for lycanthropey, and that she tests positive for Vlad's because shes donateing blood so much. Anita cries.

Anita and the others leave the hospital and go back to the circus. Anita tells Jean-Claude mind-to-mind along the way that shes not pregnant. When they get there Augustine is in the room with Jean-Claude. Anita and Augustine are in love with each other. Haven comes to the room. Travis and Noel try to stop Haven and Anita from touching each other. Haven hurts Travis and Noel but Anita stops him and then Richard and Haven start to fight.

Richard and Haven continue to fight. Noel tells Anita that she's getting another animal to call. Richard wins the fight against Haven but Haven goes for one last bit of damage and hurts Richard's leg. Anita makes Haven understand that if he doesn't follow the rules then she will kill him.

Anita cheeks on Richard. Anita's lion starts to stir. Anita ends up clinging to Jean-Claude to stop it. Jean-Claude and Micah think Haven will be Anita's Rex not her animal to call.

Jean-Claude and Auggie try to calm Anita. Nathaniel comes in, jumps on Anita on Anita and they kiss Micah seem jealous so she kisses him as well. Auggie does something Anita doesn't like. Then Auggie continues to piss of Anita, Micah, and Jean-Claude. Everyone starts laughing at Anita's difficulty in relationships.

Travis and Noel come in and Micah gets them to sit down. Jean-Claude and Auggie continue to talk about sex and power. Auggie keeps pissing Anita off. Jean-Claude talks to Auggie and then Auggie leaves.

Jean-Claude tells Anita that because of the Ardeur Micah and Nathaniel became what she wanted and she became what they wanted. Anita panicks, thinking that their love was all lies. Damian comes and calms Anita's panick, making her think that the fact that they love each other is enough. Damian and Anita kiss.

Anita pushes Damian away, then she panicks again. Only when Nathaniel starts to cry does she give in. Holding Nathaniel and kissing Micah. Travis and Noel come asking Anita to feed on them or bring their beasts. Anita says she will but asks Jean-Claude to help make sure she doesn't bind them to her. Auggie comes back and says he'll help control her lion. They talk.

Anita tastes Noel's power but he only tastes like food to her. Anita means to taste Travis but Nathaniel distracts her and then Jason shows up. Graham acts jealous of Jason. Meng Die comes down the hall. She offers sex to just about everyone in the hall but is turned down by all. London shows up and offers himself to Anita, saying he's the prefect food for the Ardeur.

Anita tries Travis but he's no good either. They sit in the living room and talk. They talk about the lions and about Jason being injurd.

They Dress and go to the ballet. The performance starts and the performers roll the minds of the audience. Anita stops them from rolling the leopards, wolves and rats. A man comes in and tries to roll Anita's mind personally, when he can't he flies into the air.

Auggie comes in. Anita, Auggie, and Jean-Claude use their power to stop Merlin from rolling everyone. Anita turns the tables on Merlin, tasteing his power and him. The Mother of all Darkness interupes claiming Anita is hers.

Anita is in Merlin's Memory, her wolf tries to protect her. Theres a flash and Anita wakes up, in pain. Richard had put a cross in her hand and it had melted in her hand. Dr. Lillian comes and gives Anita painkillers.

Dr. Lillian bandages up Anita and they bring her out to the limo. They tell her to raise Raina and heal herself and Requiem. Anita ends up in the limo naked with Nathaniel, Jason, and Requiem. She tells Requiem to use his power on her.

Anita brings Raina and ends up on top of Requiem. Raina tries to raise Anita's wolf, Anita stops the wolf from raising but Raina leaves too. Anita is healed, Anita uses her own power to heal Requiem. They decide Anita will feed from Requiem.

Anita and Requiem have sex. Anita decides to have sex with Nathaniel and Jason at the same time.

Anita, Nathaniel, and Jason have sex. They get dressed and go back in.

Anita is back in her seat watching the ballet. Anita watches the show to the end.

Jean-Claude's office at Danse Macabre Merlin is talking to Anita (Asher and Damian at her back) about him trying to roll everyone and The Mother of all Darkness. Nathaniel comes in, reminding Anita to feed. Everyone leaves except Asher. Anita and Asher talk and then get intamite.

Anita and Asher sex, while he bites her. She passes out from loss of blood.

Anita wakes up in the hospital, Asher is there. He is really upset, saying he'll never touch Anita again. Anita says she doesn't want him to never touch her but they have to be more careful.