Race: Human

Status: Alive

Title Detective Sergeant, head of RPIT

Nicknames: Dolph



wife: Lucille
Childern: Darrin and Paul

Height: 6' 8"/6' 9"
Hair:close cropped, black
body: built like a wrestler
Skin tone:



* Dolph has faxed Anita a letter on RPIT letterhead so that she can carry a gun concealed onto an airplane. It states that she is on special business with the taskforce and requires her weapon.
* Regardless of his circumstances, he is always dressed neat and tidy and business-like. A professional at all times.
* Dolph keeps his conversations short and to the point. He rarely says goodbye in phone conversations, cutting the conversation short by simply hanging up.
* Often he will call in Anita when he is on a case that appears to involve something preternatural.
* Dolph was made the head of RPIT, in Anita's opinion, because he pissed someone off higher up in rank.
* youngest child getting an engineering degree
* Zerbrowski has said that Dolph acts like Anita's father, even though she doesn't want him to.

Guilty Pleasures

* Dolph calls Anita while she's at Catherine's Bachelorette party to come to a murder scene.
Laughing Corpse

* When he and Zerbrowski came to Anita's apartment after she was attacked by zombies, they saw her penguin collection. Ever since then, whenever Anita visits the station, there are stuffed penguins everywhere.

Circus of the Damned

Lunatic Cafe

* He is married and his wife, Lucille, purchased a car phone for his birthday. When Zerbrowski was nearly eviscerated, Lucille came to the hospital to be with with Zerbrowski's wife Katie.

The Killing Dance

Narssus in Chains

* When Dolph discovers that Anita is dating Jean-Claude, he acts like a disappointed father. He doesn't like the monsters at all.
* Dolph's oldest son, Darrin, who is a lawyer, is in love with a vampire and wants to marry her. Dolph's younger son Paul, who is an engineer and already married, cannot have children. When Darrin gave his announcement, Lucille cried herself to sleep. No grandchildren.
* He questions Micah, Merle and Anita after the attack in her home.
* Anita calls him to give him more information on the kidnappings.

Cerulean Sins

* He gets a little violent with Anita at a crime scene
* Dolph brings Jason in for questioning
* Dolph has a freak out trashing the interview room, revealing that his son Darrin wants to become a vampire.
*Dolph goes on leave for a couple weeks

Appearance GP, LaC, CD, LuC, TKD, NiC, CS