Daniel Zeeman

Name Meaning: God Is My Judge

Race: Human

Status: Alive

Age 24(BM)

Mother: Charlotte
siblings: one sister (Beverly) and three brothers (Arron, and Richard)

Hair: soild chestnut brown
body: less Muscular then richard
face: high sculpted cheekbones and dimple in his chin as Richard
Skin tone:tanned



* Daniel is the youngest brother of Richard.

Blue Moon

* When Anita crew don't leave Myerton, TN, Daniel and his mother Charlotte are kidnapped by Frank Niley. Daniel's hair is cut off and put into a box to prove to Anita that they have him and that she has to leave.
* During his capture, Frank Niley raped Daniel. He hasn't talked about it with anyone. His nose was badly broken during his ordeal.

Appearance BM