Name Meaning: Prosperous Friend

Race: zombie

Status: dead

Hair: balding with a thick fringe just above the ears and down the collar
body: portly, nearly fat
face: thick sideburns that curved to a walrus thick mustache


Incubus Dreams

Edwin is a zombie raised by Anita without a blood sacrifice. Edwin is also a perfectly formed zombie. She gives him her own blood to give him a voice. But when she taps into Richard's powers she loses control of the zombie to Richard who does not know how to control it. By breaking her connection with Richard Anita is able to gain control of Edwin. Edwin is an older corpse and Anita refers to him as one of the few old ones who grasps the possibilities of being dead when he learns about the vampires being legal. He asks Anita why he can't stay as he is and offers her money to assist him. Anita shows him that he is tied to his grave and puts him back. Appearance ID