Name Meaning: Bright Pledge

Race: Lycanthrope - Fox

Status: alive

Nicknames: Gil

Powers: shapeshift

Hair: golden red
Eyes: strangely up-tilted green
body: slender



Gil has no family .
Gil is the only werefox in town

Narssus in Chains

although he is not missing anyone he comes to Anita because he is scared. However he is not much use to her as he will save his own skin before anyone else and is not good in a fight. It is pointed out to him that he might have been safer staying away from Anita.

Incubus Dreams

Gil has a fleeting appearance in Incubus Dreams when he is in a car accident when someone runs a red light. As the only werefox he is very dependent on the "Furry Coalition" and they come to his rescue to ensure that he is not put into a secure facility whilst he is unconscious and unable to do anything about it.

Appearance NiC, ID