Name Meaning: Vigilant,, Watchful

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

Age 20's

Stripping Name: Marlowe

Father: Anothney
siblings: stephen(twin brother)

Human Features
Hair: Butter-yellow hair, thick with waves, falls past his waist
Eyes:cornflower blue
body: slender but muscled, tight butt
Skin tone:pale

Wereleopard Features



Gregory's penis is hooked at the end. He has had intercourse with Raina from behind, and has made it very pleasurable for her because of it. At one point during sex, she bit his penis off.

The Killing Dance

When Anita goes to get Stephen, she founds him being cut up by someone who looked exactly like Stephen. This was Gregory.

Burnt Offerings

When the council came to St. Louis, Elizabeth was summoned by Padma and she brought other wereleopards with her, including Gregory and Vivian.
He was prevented from leaving the Circus when the council horribly broke both his legs. They had to be re-broken when he was rescued so that they could heal properly.

Narssus in Chains

Gregory was responsible for Nathaniel's safety, but was overpowered and captured by Marco and his cronies.
Before Anita rescues him, his groin is completely shredded. He shifts into half-leopard, half-man in order to heal himself.
Although he was protecting Anita from an attack by Coronus his claws injure her and potentially infects her with wereleopard lycanthropy. Later, she realizes that it was a mistake, knowing that he's not dominant enough to make such a decision, but Richard doesn't feel the same way.
He is declared a killer by the Thronnos Rokke Clan because by making Anita a possible wereleopard, he has killed her as lupa.
He is captured by Richard and the pack and thrown into an Oubliette. There, he was hogtied with silver chains, drugged through silver needles with enough sedatives to keep him from changing but not enough to dull sensation, and kept inside for three days. His ears were also plugged with black plugs, tipped in silver, and his eardrums burst as a result.
Because of the drugs, Anita has to rip his beast out of him in order to force him to change. Otherwise, he might have lost his hearing.

Cerulean Sins

Both Gregory and Stephen are terrified of their father who abused them as children. Their father is recently back in town.

Incubus Dreams

Rather surprisingly, in Incubus Dreams it is revealed that Gregory is not a fighter and is no match at all for Damian when he goes crazy in the sunlight. However he is considered to be adequate enough to guard him once he is restrained.

Appearance TKD, BO, NiC, CS, ID