Name Meaning: A Pearl

Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Powers: Controlling humans

Master: Jean-Claude

Age least 100 years old, possibly 200

Hair: Butter-yellow hair, thick with waves, falls past her waist



Gretchen's real name was Gretel.
Gretchen is desperately in love with Jean-Claude.
German or Austrian accent

Lunatic Cafe

She was created by Jean-Claude and as a result, he can control many things about her, including her physical appearance. However, she herself is a master vampire, as she has partial immunity to silver as one of her "gifts."
Gretchen is still alive, although Jean-Claude put her into a coffin after she had threatened Anita.

Narssus in Chains

They get Gretchen out of the coffin after being in there for years.

Appearance LuC, NiC