Name Meaning: Army Ruler

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

had sex with:

Girlfriend: Cicely

body: large man
face:a pleasantly round face, double chinned



Harold is a paraplegic.
He prefers his women crippled or handicapped in some way.
There are rumors that he has mob connections, but no proof has ever been found. It is suspected that he launders money for them.
His mother died ten years ago, there is no apparent record of his father, possibly due to illegitimate birth.
At one time he dated a woman now known as Wheelchair Wanda. He later had Cicely around as well, angering Wanda, possibly into leaving him.
He met Wanda when he was visiting Washington University.

Laughing Corpse

He was eventually killed by Anita when she used zombies she had raised from the dead to kill him.

Appearance LaC