Larry and Tammy's webbing. Anita notices Jessica thinks Nathaniel likes her but he doesn't.

Jessica begins questioning Anita about Nathaniel. Dolph calls, there has been a murder.

Anita and Dolph argue a little. Then look at the murder victom.

Dolph and Anita talk about the body. seven vampires fed off the victom.

Anita goes back to the reception. Her and Micah dance, but Anita is upset about Micah being too perfect. She thinks she's a sociopath. Anita askes about Micah's nose straighting.

Micah and Anita are outside. Micah tells Anita the story of his nose.

Nathaniel and Jason come outside. They talk. Nathaniel asks Anita to dance, she say yes.

Anita and Nathaniel dance. Nathaniel kisses her. The ardeur rises, Anita realizes Nathaniel wants true sex, she feels guilty for that and the ardeur goes. Nathaniel take that as rejection, he runs away crying.

Anita sees Ronnie and Louie fighting. She gets to the boys, Nathanielis really upset. They talk to her. telling her she's the one who is causeing problems for herself.

Louie asks for a ride after ronnie leaves him. Louie asked Ronnie to marry him and she said no. Jason takes Louie home. Anita goes home with Nathaniel and Micah, wondering what she'll do when they get there. Marianne calls and does a reading for her.

Teddy calls saying that Gil has been sent to the hospital, another werewolf is freaking at the bar, Micah goes. Damain comes in acting strange. He wants Anita, Anita send him to his room. Nathanielcomes in and the ardeur acts up.

Anita's ardeur charges and Anita sees Jean-Claude and Richard feeding. She marks Nathaniel and Damain, causeing them to see the great horrors of the past.

The three of them get naked with the ardeur riding them and finish the marks.

Anita, Nathaniel, and Damain wake up in the kitchen, the sun is up. damain freaks out (apparently the sun doesn't effect him the same). Anita cuts herself off from him, causeing him to go mad, running around. Gregory come in.

Gregory and Anita go after Nathaniel and Damain, to try and stop Damain but can't. Richard shows up.

Richard and Damain fight. Anita and Nathaniel join the fight.

Anita binds Damain back to her. They have sex, with Nathaniel feeling everything along with them. Richard realizes she hadden't had sex with them before.

Anita makes Damian get off her. Micah comes through the broken door. They talk and Anita tells them that she's getting in the shower. Micah says that theres a crying woman in Richard's car, Richard says that it's his girlfriend and goes to the door. Micah goes to help Richard and Anita goes to the shower.

Damain is not doing so well, the minute they give him to Anita it affects her too, then Nathaniel when he tries to help and gets pulled in too. They see Damian's memory. Moroven chokes them with fear.

Gregory and Richard have touble. They say Anita, Nathaniel, and Damian smell like food. Jean-Claude tells Anita to have sex with Richard. They take Damian away and the fear backs away a little, then Damian touches her and the fear comes back and she screams.

Richard pulls Anita away from Damian. They see inside each others hearts. Their feelings drive Morovan away. Richard leaves, Micah comes in and she cries between Micah, Nathaniel, and Damian.

Anita, Micah, Damian, and Nathaniel get ready and go to the kitchen.

Dr. Lillian is in the kitchen, bandaging up Richard. Anita goes outside for air. When she comes back in she finds Damian cuddled up between the counters. His face has changed, become more beautiful. Anita talks to Jean-Claude. Damian talks to Jean-Claude, and then to Anita again. The conversation ends with Jean-Claude asking if Anita knows Italin.

Anita and Richard fight about Nathaniel. Anita accidently admitts she loves Nathaniel, making Nathaniel happy.

Micah and Anita talk in the bedroom. Anita bites Micah. Jean-Claude shows her images of love.

Nathaniel is upset that Anita marked Micah and won't mark him. Ronnie calls and says she'll come over. Nathaniel and Anita make up after she promises to mark him and come see him at the club.

Ronnie comes over. They talk.

Bert complains about Anita being Nathaniel to work. Bert has a interview for Anita, even through he knows she won't do it.

Anita meets the Browns. Mrs. Brown gets out of hand making Anita mad. Mrs. Brown attacks anita, Anita's beast reacts.

Nathaniel dominates Anita. Nathaniel enters her, giving her orgasm but not getting orgasm himself. Anita gets mad at him for not "going" but he says she didn't give him permission.

Mary bandages Nathaniel and Anita up. Anita agrees to talk to the police about stevie and not to press charges.

Nathaniel tells her to eat real food to help controls the other hungers, while they talk in the car. They kiss.

Anita and Nathaniel are met at the door to GP by Brandon's fans. Buzz saves them. Nathaniel goes to talk to Jean-Claude. Buzz confides in Anita about Primo, a powerful vampire whos making trouble. Anita says she'll see what she can do. Clay comes and says that their trouble. Buzz and Anita run in.

Primo is fighting everyone and causeing problems.

Anita stops Primo using power. Jean-Claude shows up and helps. Primo ends up bitting Anita's wrist and oathing himself to her and Jean-Claude. Jean-Claude feeds off Anita's kiss.

Byron brings Anita to bandage her up, he sends Nathaniel to get more bandages. Jean-Claude tells Anita that he needs her to feedthe audeur. Byron becomes the one to feed it off.

Byron and Anita have sex. Requiem bites Anita as she and Byron orgasm.

Jean-Claude is on stage feeding the Ardeur by kissing women. Buzz and Anita talk. Requiem and Graham are waiting to guard Anita. Anita and Nathaniel say good bye.

Anita is having trouble driving, she pulls over. Anita has a flash back to the orgasm with Byron, she gives the flash back to Graham. Requiem and Anita talk about Belle, While Graham wriths in his seat. Graham takes over driving and they go.

At Sunset Cemetery Anita raises Edwin Alonzo Herman as a zombie. Anita loses control and Richard helps her get it back.

Anita can't get warm in the car while waiting til she has to put the zombie back. Graham puts Anita in his lap and she falls asleep for awhile, waking up when she has to put the zombie back. Walking up to the grave Anita realizes she feels weak. She puts back the zombie using graham's blood.

Anita is back in the jeep and she is freezing, Requiem tries to warm her. Damian is dying, Anita needs to feed the Ardeur. Anita feeds the Ardeur off Requiem.

They get to Guilty Pleasures. Clay is at the door chatting with women, a man slips into Guilty Pleasures. The man is Stephen and Gregory's father, Anthony, he's trying to see Gregory strip.Charon and Cerebus take Anthony out and Buzz goes to talk to Clay. Anita goes to watch Nathaniel strip. Jean-Claude helps Anita feed the Ardeur off the audience. Nathaniel pulls Anita on stage, bringing her into his dance. Jean-Claude comes on stage wipping Nathaniel. Anita does what she promised and bites nathaniel, feeding the ardeur.

They put Nathaniel in to rest. Anita and Jean-Claude go to his office and have sex.

Anita and Jean-Claude are still in his office when Anita's phone rings, it's Zerbrowski. Another stripper has been killed. Anita and Jean-Claude talk, he wants to make sure she will kill him if things go bad. She says she'll kill him if she has to. They quote a poem to each other and hug.

At the Sapphire club, Officer Douglas brings Anita through the scene to Sheriff Christopher. The Sheriff is rude to Anita, not wanting to let her in. Zerbrowski comes and gets her. Anita asked the vampires some questions, then they go look at the body.

They look at the body. Anita and Zerbrowski talk with Jean-Claude talking inside her head.

Anita goes to The Circus of the Damned, Jean-Claude and Asher are in Jean-Claude's bed. Anita goes to Jason's room and climbs in bed with Jason and Nathaniel.

Anita has a dream of Damian freezing in a bath tub. Anita wakes in bed with Jason and Nathaniel. The boys try to get Anita to eat. They talk, Jason goes into the bathroom and Nathaniel convinces Anita to have sex with him.

Anita starts acting ackward and jason comes out of the bathroom and makes Anita face Nathaniel. Anita and Nathaniel get intamite.

Anita and Nathaniel have sex. Anita's beast tries to rise, Jason helps Anita with what to do. Anita plans to give her beast to Jason and Nathaniel.

Anita gives her beast to Jason and Nathaniel. Nathaniel asks Anita to have sex with him in Animal form, Jason keeps saying Anita doesn't do furry and says he'll get Graham. Anita says she'll have sex with Nathaniel and Jason while they're furry.

Anita and Nathaniel continue to have sex.

Richard comes in the room. Jason standsbetween Anita and Richard to protect her, Richard knocks Jason out of the way. Richard screams, Claudia comes in with 2 others. Richard asks Anita to get dressed and everyone to leave.

Jason and Nathaniel leave. Richard and Anita talk. Richard is more angry because he has gained some of Anita's anger. Richard tells Anita that Clair said he raped her, that he's always rough. Anita and Richard talk some more until Jean-Claude comes in the room.

The three of them talk a little. Richard offers to feed Jean-Claude as long as Anita stays with them. Anita goes to shower, the boys fix the bed.

Anita comes out of the bathroom. Jean-Claude and Richard fixed the bed. Anita realizes both men are trying to seduce her. Anita's afraid to let Richard back into her life or her bed. Anita decides to be with them both.

Jean-Claude and Richard share horror stories. They talk and all three decide to try to be together.

They have sex.

They continue to have sex.

Anita and Zerbrowski go to question Jack, Anita gets upset about the vampires of the church being tricked. Zerbrowski gets a call from Arnet and they go running.

Anita is at a crime scene, another woman is dead. Anita asks Arnet some questions. Arnet gets pissy and Zerbrowski tells her to go get some air. He and Anita talk about the dead girl. Zerbrowski tells Anita to fix whatever is wrong between her and Arnet.

Anita goes outside, she finds Arnet and they have it out.

They go to the church of eternal life. Bruce meets them outside. They go in to talk to Malcolm. Malcolm tries to use vampire powers on Anita but it back fires. Anita uses Malcolms power to find Avery.

Anita gets the warent to kill Avery. But Anita isn't sure Avery is guilty, she tells Avery to come to her so she can find out.

Anita used Malcolms power to look into Avery's heart. Anita finds out that Avery is inosent and another vampire Jonah is guilty. They chase Jonah, joined by two civie Vampires. One of the Vampires get stabbed.

They catch Jonah. Anita realizes that the knife Jonah stabbed the Vampire with was silver. Anita runs back to try and save the vampire.

Anita gets back to the injurd Vampire and is happy to find he is still alive. Anita learns that the vampires are brothers named Truth and Wicked who have no master. Truth hasn't got the power to save himself from the knife wound. Anita asks Jean-Claude and they agree to bind the brothers to them. Anita binds Truth to her, awaking the ardeur. Jean-Claude takes the ardeur so Anita doesn't have to feed it. Anita promises to bind Wicked to her at another time.

Anita gets the information about who has been killing the strippers. Anita kills Jonah, in front of everyone.

Anita is home. She's shaky and Micah tries to comfort her. Ronnie calls saying that she's drunk and at a strip club. Micah, Nathaniel, and Anita go to pick up Ronnie.

At Incubus Dreams Anita finds out that Ronnie is in the back with someone. A stripper named Owen helps them get into the back.

Anita finds Ronnie. Micah and Nathaniel get hit on multible times. They finally get out of Incubus Dreams. Ronnie starts throwing up. Anita finds a new dead stripper and calls Zerbrowski. The police come.

The police ask them some questions and make acusations. A officer down call comes in and Anita races off.

Anita gets to the scene and finds out another stripper has been taken. Anita talks to the Mobile Reserve, they deside to go in sooner than planned.

Anita gets ready to go against the Vampires.

They gear up.

They enter and find a dead body.

Anita continues through the house, with bodies on the ground. They find and kill the vampires that were there.

Anita and Hudson argue about wheather or not the vampires were the right ones. Anita leave to go home.

Anita gets home. While being comforted by Micah and Nathaniel, Jean-Claude calls and tells Anita to feed the ardeur. Anita goes in the bathroom and the ardeur comes back.

Anita feeds the Ardeur off Micah and then they have sex. Anita and Micah go to bed with Nathaniel.

They find out that 5 of the serial killing Vampire got away.