Name Meaning: God Is Gracious

Race: Human/Animator

Status: Alive

Powers: raise the dead

Job: Animator

siblings: Peter

Height: around 6'
Hair: white streak in his black hair just over the forehead
Eyes: dark brown
face: goatee
Skin tone: dark



He is a vaudun priest and is considered the greatest animator and vampire slayer of New Orleans.
Once working alongside the New Orleans Police, they no longer trust him and suspect him in a series of ritual killings.

Laughing Corpse

He comes to town after his brother is killed
He asks Anita to help him find out who killed his brother
He gives Anita more information on voodun

Circus of the Damned

He and Anita tried dating. They only had two before Anita realized that John couldn't handle her not only being a female version of him, but a better version of him.
He was suppose to stake Calvin Barnabas Rupert.

Appearance LaC, CD