Anita and Jean-Claude were meeting with Dominic Dumare and Sabin at Animator's Inc. Dominic wanted to know if Anita could help Sabin's condition. She didn't know if she could, but agreed she would look into it. She had to leave to meet Richard for a date.

Anita had been invited to a dinner party at Catherine's house and she brought Richard. Robert and Monica were present. Monica was pregnant with Robert's child. Later, Anita received a phone call from Edward that there was a contract out on her life

Anita asks Richard to take her home. They help Mrs. Pringle with her new TV. Custard wined at Anita's door indicating possible intruder. Anita kept to ground while opening door and shotgun rang out. Anita shot and killed James Dugan, Jimmy the Shotgun and called Dolph.

With Catherine present, Anita was questioned at Police Headquarters by both Dolph and Detective Branswell. Branswell allowed it because he knew Gross and Brady, who apparently were the first cops on the scene when Anita had been attacked by Dominga's killer zombies.

Richard is mad at Anita for handling the situation on her own, but invites her to stay at his house for protection. She accepts.

Anita had Edward call her at Richard's. He tells her that the hit is now $500,000 if done within 24 hours. Edward promises to come in next morning. Anita and Richard listen to the other phone messages and hear Stephen's asking for help. Raina is forcing him to be in a porno flick. Richard knows where they are, and they go to rescue him.

Anita gets a lesson in Lukoi terminology. When Anita and Richard arrive at the farmhouse/barn, Richard is challenged by Sebastian, who he subdues immediately. But the other weres set upon him and he tells Anita to get Stephen out.

Anita finds Stephen pinned to the floor by Gabriel and Raina while his brother Gregory cut him with a knife. Anita is attacked by a pony-sized wolf, but is "saved" when Raina pulls her off. Anita gets Stephen out and reunites with Richard. She warns the others never to bring Stephen back and when they mock her, Anita promises to kill Raina personally, setting herself up at lupa. They then take Stephen out.

Anita wakes up at Richard's house. Stephen is scared and Richard told him to sleep with Anita. So Anita protects him. When she wakes up, Jason, Sylvie and Lillian (who is working on Richard's injuries) are in the house. Jason and Sylvie agree with Anita that Richard needs to kill to be a leader. Richard and Anita then go off to have a private talk in his bedroom while Lillian sews up his wounds.

Anita and Richard argue. Because he is naked, Anita is embarrassed, but he thinks it is because he is a monster. Though they still differ in opinion about the need to kill, they make up and begin to make out. However, Sylvie and Jason "complain" and Richard dresses and goes out to be with them while Anita recoups.

Anita gets dressed and walks back out. There are over 15 lycanthropes in the room, including Rafael, Christine, Louie, and Neal. Stephen eventually comes to join them as well. Jean-Claude has thrown in his support to Richard as opposed to Marcus. Sylvie thinks Anita should be made a were, but Richard forbids it, and Anita promised to kill her if she did. Richard then declares Anita as lupa, thought Sylvie and Neal at first refuse to acknowledge it. When Anita gets Richard to promise to kill Marcus in the next challenge, Sylvie acknowledged her as an alpha, but not dominant. Anita has to fight Neal to first blood, and she stands in front of a window, tossing him into it with a judo roll which draws first blood.

Edward arrives and discusses tactics with Anita and Richard concerning how to avoid the assassin coming for Anita. He thinks that the assassin will attempt the hit that night during her date with Jean-Claude.

Anita gets dressed for the date and Richard gets jealous because the short black dress is sexy. Anita tries to reassure him. Jean-Claude arrives and for the first time, he is wearing a red - normally he wears black and white. Edward is checking the car for bombs. Amidst angst, Anita and Jean-Claude leave.

In the limo outside the club, Jean-Claude teases Anita in order to distract her from worrying about the assassin. When they emerge, they are greeted by reporters who try to get a story, but Anita "coyly" makes Jean-Claude clear a path before she does with her gun. Inside, they meet up with Liv who tries to intimidate Anita and fails.

Damian appears along with Cassandra, both of whom are dressed for the show at the Danse Macabre's opening night. Sabin arrives as well, making Cassandra nervous. Jean-Claude gets the show started and leaves Liv to be Anita's bodyguard.

Since Liv was being too obtrusive, Anita sent her away. Willie came by to sit with her instead. The show started and Damian tried to mind rape one of the customers named Karen, but Anita stopped him. Anita helped Karen, along with another woman, Anabelle Smith, into the bathroom. It turned out that Anabelle was the assassin, but before she could kill Anita, Anita killed her with one of her knives.

The police arrive and cuff Anita in Jean-Claude's office. Greeley tries to get Anita to talk, but Dolph comes in and pulls rank. He gets Rizzo to get some coffee and then uncuffs Anita. He needs her to look at a body.

Dolph took Anita to Creve Coeur. Robert had been killed. His heart had been ripped out and a spell was used to keep the dead or those associated with the dead from crossing the circle of power. Anita could not cross it.

Detective Reynolds wanted to see if Anita made the circle. Since she couldn't cross it she didn't make it. Dolph questions Anita about the murder. She tells him Robert belonged to Jean-Claude and agrees to withhold information about the case from him. Dolph sends cops out of room and takes Anita's back knife, but returns it after a search when Anita assures him she has no other weapons. Zerbrowski comes in with info about Dora and Delbert Spaulding, possible HAV members.

Anita ends up going to the hospital with Monica who gets guards at her door. Edward calls Anita at the hospital. The hit is extended to 48 hours and he wants her to stay in the Circus of the Damned. Grudgingly, Anita agrees and calls Richard to bring her stuff there. He tells her he will stay as well.

Jason brings Anita downstairs. Anita tells Jean-Claude about Robert and the vampire mourns his loss. Later, he identifies Juliana and Asher from a portrait and then he leads her to his bedroom.

Jean-Claude discusses his attraction to Anita and tells her he loves her. He asks to kiss her because he knows what happened at Richard's house. And when Anita lets him, Richard shows up. In jealousy, he attacks Jean-Claude, but Anita gets in his way. Richard hurts Anita, but she manages to press a knife to his throat. Both men leave the room.

Richard returns with her bags. He and Anita reconcile. Jason comes in, wounded because he'd tried to stop Richard from entering the room. Richard lets Jason feed from his neck wound and returns power to Jason. After Jason leaves the room, Anita asks Richard to change for her but he cannot so close to the full moon.

Cassandra comes to wake Anita. It's 1 pm. Jean-Claude and Richard need her. She dresses first, only to find both men in sexy pajamas. Jean-Claude wants to call the power of the triumvirate like they did last Christmas

Using their lust, Jean-Claude and Richard combined their power in in Anita and when Jean-Claude drew blood from Richard, the power exploded from Anita and she used it to raise the dead.

Anita wants to know what they raised from the dead. The commotion in the hallway makes both men take off with Anita close behind.

Jason had attacked Anita's zombies in wolf form and there was a power struggle to get him to stop.

Anita discovers she raised Liv, Willie and Damian as well as the zombies. She controls Willie more than Jean-Claude and warns him never to threaten her again. Though scared of her now, Jean-Claude urges them all not to let this information out because the Vampire Council would kill her. They agree and try to figure out how to lay the vampires back to rest again.

Anita's not sure she can lay the vampires to rest. She gets Jean-Claude to lead them to the coffin room so she can figure it out.

In the coffin room, they discuss options. Cassandra and Stephen worry that they must donate blood, but Anita assures them they don't. Richard argues she won't either. They finally decide to call in Dominic.

Dominic shows up to view the scene and agrees to make a spell.

Dominic, Anita and Cassandra work on the spell. First, Dominic asks Anita to "heal" a zombie. She makes it look more lifelike. Then they cut Damian's cheek and she fixes that too. Using a golden bowl, she mixes blood from the Triumvirate. She puts the zombies to rest by sprinkling them with blood. The vampires drink from the bowl. Damian is last and his power/soul returns to his body mid-drink, shoving Anita out and rendering her unconscious.

Anita wakes up to Richard and Jean-Claude arguing because the former wanted the later to mark Anita in order to save her life, thinking she was dying. Anita berates him for it. Richard tells her that he is letting Jean-Claude mark him so that he can have power during the lupanar.

Edward comes in with Harley to explain the game plan for the lupanar.

Stephen and Cassandra help Anita into her leather outfit. Anita shocks Richard with it, and then they head out.

Richard shares power with Anita so she can fling her essence outward and touch the pack. They run to the lupanar meeting place. Raina tries to test Anita's powers, but Anita uses them against her. She then throws her power into Richard to prove his claim. Richard and Marcus then prepare to fight.

Marcus and Richard fight. Marcus forces Richard back, right up to where Raina, Sebastian and Jamil were waiting. Sebastian was able to stab Richard in the back with a silver blade before his head was blown off by Edward's shot. Richard then ripped Marcus's heart out and tossed it to the other wolves. Anita wanted to shoot Raina, but Richard knocked her gun out of her hand and shifted over her, scaring Anita as she refused his power. While the werewolves fed on Marcus' body, Anita went to reunite with Edward and Harley.

Edward tells Anita to go to the Circus of the Damned, as Anita will be "safe" there. Jean-Claude finds her pounding on the back door, and Anita dissolves into tears against him. He then helps her inside.

Anita takes a bath to clean herself up, and Jean-Claude comes into the bathroom with towels for her to dry off. Since she is taking a bubble bath, the bubbles hide her body. Jean-Claude tries to kiss her, and ends up falling into the tub when she pushes him. The sight of him in the tub makes her want him even more, and at last she succumbs to her desires and gives herself to him. They make love in the tub and for the first time, Anita drops her mental defenses against Jean-Claude and he enters her mind as he enters her body. Anita finally admits aloud that she loves him. Jean-Claude finally realizes that Anita will never be conquered, and that is the greatest aphrodisiac of all.

The next morning, Anita is in Jean-Claude's bed when Ernie walks in. Anita shoos him out with her gun since she does not know him. Richard enters and is so devastated that Anita slept with Jean-Claude, that he tosses the heavy oak bed onto its side. He tries to force himself on her, but Anita answers in kind with cutting remarks. Both are hurting when he finally leaves.

Cassandra walks in and helps Anita put the bed back together, and then knocks her out.

Anita wakes up, tied to a bed. Gabriel and Raina are planning on killing Anita in one of their porno movies. Anita finds out that Cassandra is part of a triumvirate as well, with Sabin and Dominic. Dominic plans to transfer the magic essence of Richard, Jean-Claude and Anita into their triumvirate, and hopefully heal Sabin. Anita tries to convince her to let her try to heal him, but Cassandra doesn't agree and leaves her. Gabriel tries to frighten Anita. He tells her he became a wereleopard through sex with Elizabeth and loved the pain he went through. Anita promised him she will give him the same pain and more if he will get her a knife. He agrees.

Gabriel returned Anita's wrist sheaths and back knife. Heidi then did Anita's makeup and the filming began again. Anita cut herself free with the knives and then Gabriel attacked her. She was scratched, thereby creating the possibility that she would become a lycanthrope herself. While she was battling him, Richard sent out a psychic call of power which distracted Anita. His second call was a whisper, along with Jean-Claude. They were offering the first mark to her, and she took it in order to help them. Gabriel noticed, but Anita managed to distract him. Then, the second mark was offered and taken. Anita distracted again, and this time, she pushed in both of his eyes for the pain, grabbed her knife, and stabbed Gabriel through the heart. Raina came upon her and tossed her aside, right at Anita's guns. She took a gun and shot Raina in the stomach just as the former lupa was leaping to attack her. Edward and Harley came into the room then, and together, they went to go and rescue Jean-Claude and Richard.

They come upon the clearing, but Anita cannot cross the circle of power because she is magic. Dominic takes Robert's heart and places it on Richard's chest. He then stabs Richard. By that time, Anita gets Edward to cross the circle and shoot Dominic. Cassandra tries to kill Edward, but Harley attacks her. The circle is broken, and Anita comes in. Sabin tries to attack Edward, but Anita kills him. Since Edward is knocked out, Harley is unable to recognize Anita, and raises his gun as if to shoot her. So Anita kills him. Edward wakes and is angry, but will deal with the death later. She then frees Jean-Claude and together they go to Richard. In order to save him, Jean-Claude must give her the third mark. Anita offers her wrist, but Jean-Claude asks to embrace her, as it will be the only time she will allow it. When he takes her, Anita uses her power to bring life back to Richard, just before blackness takes them all.

Anita wakes up in the hospital with Edward at her side. Both men are alive and safe and Edward extracts a promise for Anita to help him since she killed Harley. She agrees.

Richard took Anita to the next lupanar, in case she would shift, but she didn't. He's invaded her dreams twice, although he avoids her, and has to enlist Jean-Claude's help to maintain control. Otherwise, the triumvirate is useless because he is angry with both Anita and Jean-Claude. Anita still loves him.