Anita is in bed with Micah and Nathaniel when Larry calls. He needs Anita to take over his Animation gig out of town, because Tammy isin the hospital. Anita says she'll go and they decide Micah will go with her.

Anita calls the FBI in charge to tell him of the change. They leave to go to Philly.

Anita and Micah get to Philly. Micah talks about how this is the frist time they've been alone together. Anita panicks a little thinking that maybe they won't work if their alone.

Anita and Micah meet the FBI.

Anita and Micah get to the hotel. Anita is upset because Micah surprised her with a nice hotel. Micah gets upset thinking Anita doesn't care, Anita tells him she does. Anita goes over the file of what she need to know for the animation. She calls and talks to Fox and gets a message from Larry.

Room service comes. Anita and Micah talk about old scars and how he became a wereleopard and his exgirlfriends. Micah takes Anita to bed.

Anita and Micah get intamite.

Anita and Micah have sex.

Anita gets to the cemetery. Anita's power is stronger, she seems possesed by it.

The lawyers and judge talk and Anita tries to explain what shes going to do. Anita and Micah realize that Salvia is stalling. Anita starts a protective circle.

Anita raises the Zombie. Anita is afraid when the zombie starts acting strange, he blames Salvia for his death. Someone shoots at Anita and she gets hit in the arm.The zombie attacks Anita trying to get out of the circle. Anita blacks out.

Anita wakes up in the hospital. Micah and Nathaniel are there. Finding out Salvia's dead and Larry came to put the zombie back The doctor tells Anita that she has four types of lycanthrope.