Name Meaning: God Is With Us

Race: Human/Animator

Status: Alive

Powers: Raise the dead

Age: 52

wife: Rosita
Childern: 4 children the youngest is Tomas

Height: about 5'5
Hair:coal-black hair is streaked with grey, it framed his face with thick waves
face: thin face and black moustache
Skin tone:brown



He is the one that has taught Anita all that she knows about animating.
Manny prefers the old fashioned method of staking a vampire. Anita would rather use modern technology.
In the past, he was once a vaudun priest and a lover to Dominga Salvador. This was twenty years ago. During this time, he did human sacrifices for her. Since leaving, he married Rosita, who is a staunch Catholic.
Manny has a daughter at college

Laughing Corpse

Rosita tries to get Anita to be interested in her cousin, Albert, but of course, Anita isn't biting.
He goes with Anita to see Dominga

Appearance LaC