Race: Vampire

Status: undead

Title Lieutenant


Age over 600

human servant Angelito

Animal: Bats and Rats

had sex with: Asher and Angelito

Height: about 5' maybe less
Hair:blond waves around her shoulders
face:eyebrows were black and perfectly arched, rosebud mouth
Skin tone:pale



Has done punishments for Belle-Morte for 600 years.
Both Jean-Claude and Asher have been at her mercy.
She likes the young

Cerulean Sins

Musette came to town on Belle-Morte's order.
Musette's pomme de sang is really young, so young in fact that Musette can't feed from the girl while in this country.
She would have tortured Asher again if Anita and Jean-Claude haddn't taken him to their bed.

Appearance CS