Name Meaning: Rightly Guided

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

Hair:black, cut very close to her head
Skin tone:color of coffee with cream


Circus of the Damned

Rashida's first appearance is naked, in bed, with Richard. When Anita pulls her gun on Yasmeen, she attacks and takes the gun. Richard is the one to pull her off Anita again.
During the battle against the giant cobra Edjo, Rashida was stabbed in the back at her right shoulder by its fang. Jean-Claude broke its fang to free Rashida, but ended up nearly ripping her right arm out of its socket in order to remove the fang. The next time she is seen, her arm is completely healed. Being a werewolf gives her extremely fast recuperative properties.

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