Name Meaning:

Race: Master Vampire

Status: undead

Title Third in Command of St. Louis


Powers: can raise lust in another person, can bring a person to orgasm,


had sex with: Anita and Meng Die

Hair: straight, Black
Eyes: deep, rich blue
face: Oval, Vandyke beard and thin mustache as black as his hair
Skin tone:white



* British vampire * Belle Morte had wanted to buy him. She wanted a third blue eyed man; Asher the palest, Jean-Claude the darkest, and Requiem the brightest. His master at the time had refused to give Requiem to her and they had fled France. * Jean-Claude had offered him a home when his old master (Dracula) had "got himself executed". * Requiem is Jean-Claude's third in command after Asher. * Requiem is a master vampire and he is poetic but depressing. * Was once in love with a vampire named Ligeia until Belle-Morte killed her, Ligeia had the ardeur. Incubus Dreams

Requiem admits to Anita and Byron that he had felt pleasure at Belle-Morte's court but it was not worth the price. Also the fact that he did not like men meant that he would not have survived there. Jean-Claude sends Requiem to help when Anita is feeding the ardeur from Byron. Requiem takes blood from her so that she can feed from both of them at the same time Requiem is sent, together with Graham, to guard Anita while she works after the battle with Primo. Anita also feeds from Requiem to save Damian, whose energy she has drained. Danse Macabre

He gets cut up by Meng Die when he tells her that he won't be her lover anymore because he wants to be with Anita He begs Anita to feed the Ardeur off him The Harlequin

Appearance ID, DM, H