Name Meaning: Bright Fame

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Sabin, Dominic and Cassandra (triumvirate)

Title Stripper at Guilty Pleasures, later Manager


Age about 100 years old

Hair:short blond, styled to perfection
face: high, model perfect, sculpted cheekbones
Skin tone:



* Anita has described him as too masculine for beautiful, and too perfect for real. Guilty Pleasures

*Anita sees him strip, he bites Phillip and he kisses Monica during the act. * Robert was not strong enough to prevent Nikolaos and company from taking Phillip out of Guilty Pleasures and using him as bait for Anita. Lunatic Cafe

* Robert appears to be in management at Guilty Pleasures in LuC. When he tries to stop Anita from entering since she did not give up her holy item before entering, Gretchen steps in and escorts Anita inside. Robert fears her. Bloody Bones

The Killing Dance

* He marries Monica Vespucci and is able to have a child with her, but he is killed before he sees the baby born. (They used a Jacuzzi to heat his body temperature in order to "encourage" fertilization) * His heart was removed from his chest and used in a ritual by Dominic in the hopes of saving Sabin from his condition. Appearance GP, LuC, BB, TKD