Race: mermaid (siren)

Status: alive

Title Master of Cap Cod's wife

Nicknames: Thea

Powers: Attracking people

Age over 1000

had sex with: Samuel

husband: Samuel
Childern: Sampson, Thomas, and Cristos

Height: 5'10
Hair: white blond to her waist
Eyes: black
Skin tone:pale white and gold



She is a very dominate woman and has problems with other dominate women.
She has offered sex to her oldest son, Sampson, to bring him into his sirenhood but took no for an answer when Sampson turned her down. Sampson explains his mother by saying she's from a drifferent time and things like that were more excepted then.
Samuel told his wife that if she had sex with one of their sons that he would kill her

Danse Macabre

She came to the city with her husband and 3 sons.
She offered her her sons as pomme de sangs, because she believes Anita can bring them into their sirenhood.
She tries to use her magic to put Anita with her son Tom.

Appearance DM