Name Meaning:

Race: Vampire

Status: undead

Nicknames: ma dulce

Age over 300

Hair:Brunnette curls
Eyes: dark
face: round and soft



Valentina is a child vampire who was made when she was eight years old by Sebastian.
Sebastian was destroyed and Valentina was taken in by Belle Morte.
Valentina does like torture and was Musette pet torturer

Cerulean Sins

Comes to the city with Musette.
When Musette doesn't tell Valentina or Bartolemé about Gregory and Stephen's past, she and Bartolemé insist on being allowed to remain in the city until they have satisfied their debt of honour.

Danse Macabre

* She is excited when they think Anita maybe pregnant because she says she won't be the smallest anymore. The way Valentina acts it makes Anita think the child vampire will make her child a vampire.
* Valentina tries to roll Sampson and is rather upset when he brakes the hold.
* Anita and the others are rather unnerved by Valentina but Nathaniel says he's not afraid or unnerved by her.

Appearance CS, DM