Name Meaning:

Race: Lycanthrope - Leopard

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift


had sex with:

Girlfriend: Cherry (from CS on)

Height: about 6 foot
Hair:cotton white at first, then dyed a shocking yellow (neon buttercups), then iridescent pale green, white-blond(CS). It's cut short on the sides with the top long in moussed spikes
body: stretched thin and tall
teeth:dainty upper and lower fangs in his mouth
peircings:silver nipple ring
Voice:gravelly deep



* He has spent too much time in his wereleopard form. Burnt Offerings

* Zane tried to be the leader of the wereleopards after Gabriel, but was unable because he wasn't as strong enough an alpha to do so. So instead, he forced Anita to take over by trying to kidnap Nathaniel from the hospital. * Before he became pard, Zane was a junkie, so in a sense Gabriel and Elizabeth saved him because he did not allow drugs. * Zane and Cherry were once lovers, but as of BO, they weren't any longer. * Because of Raina and Gabriel, he and the other wereleopards are trained "bottoms". They are the submissive partner in a dominant-submissive interaction. * Zane has an extra set of keys to Anita's house. Blue Moon

* When Jason accuses him of being bisexual, he doesn't argue it, since he just gave Jason a big kiss on his lips in play. * Zane had his arm shot with a rifle by Terry Fletcher and if he were human, he would have lost his arm. However, Anita healed him along with the other injured. Narssus in Chains

* He begins to show an interest in Cherry again, even acting jealous against Caleb, who tries to show a passing interest in her. Cerulean Sins

*He and Cherry are now a couple. Incubus Dreams

Appearance BO, BM, OB, NiC, CS, ID