Name Meaning: God Will Strengthen

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Alive


Features Zeke is stuck in his animal form, with only his eyes remaining human.



Zeke is one of Chimera's goons from the club, Narcissus in Chains. He used to have his own, small pack, but Chimera took it over in order to use him. He is stuck in his beast form, and is considered Chimera's male beast. Narssus in Chains

Zeke brings a tortured Gina to see Anita and to get Anita to come to Chimera, who is his master. He's wearing a sign on his neck that says Micah, who has also been captured and tortured, will be much worse off if Anita shoots him. Zeke reveals Chimera's plans to Anita and explains his background. Appearance NiC