Race: Lycanthrope = Panwere

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Powers: Shapeshift

FeaturesChimera's eyes don't match. One eye is leopard green, the other is wolf amber. The eye sockets are also completely different. His voice has a slight southern drawl to it.



Chimera is an alter ego of Orlando King. It is one of many different personas that he has, including the following:

Snake Coronus of the Black Water Clan
Bear Boone
Lion Chimera
Wolf Unnamed/not seen
Hyena Unnamed/not seen

Chimera is the dominant personality within Orlando, and his "shape" is that of a lion.
Chimera is the part of Orlando King that enabled him to kill humans. It used to be a small, dark part of him, but when Orlando was infected with the multiple weres, it became the dominant force in his body.

Narssus in Chains

Chimera took over the werehyenas by bedding and later making hostage of Narcissus.
He wants Anita as his mate, because she appears to be a panwere like Himself.

Appearance NiC