Name Meaning:
Anita = Favored Grace
Blake = Black or Pale

Middle Name Katerine

Race: Human/Animator/Necromancer

Status: Alive

Title The Executioner, Lupa of Thronnos Rokke Clan, Nimir-Ra of the Blooddrinkers Clan (Léoparde Lionné), Human servant to Jean-Claude

Nicknames: Ma Petit (Jean-Claude), Niña (her mother), Honey (not really a nickname but Micah calls her that in Micah), Nicky (as a GP stage name), Evening Star (by Requiem)

Powers: Raise the dead, take energy from sex, able to send out tendrils of her power and examine graves, hold a vampire's gaze without being sucked in by their power, borrow the power of any vampire she comes in contact with (ID), send a spirit animal through a dream to hurt someone,

Weapons Two 9mm Browning Hi-Powers, 9mm Firestar, Derringer, Two Mini-Uzis, Knives, Dagger, Wooden Stakes, Silver Cross, Holy Water, and Shotguns.

Fears Flying and small spaces

Age 24 (GP,LaC), 26(OB), 27(DM)

had sex with: Jean-Claude, Richard, Micah Callahan, Asher, Nathaniel, Jason Schuyler, Byron, Augustine, London, Requiem, Rafael, Crispin and Alex

Favorites things: penguins

Mother:? (dead)
Father:? (veterinarian)
Stepmother: Judith
Stepsiblings- Andria
halfsiblings- Josh (her father's child with Judith)

Height: 5'3"
Hair: Curling and black
Eyes: black/brown
body: extensive scarring
Skin tone:



Anita prefers to wear Nike sneakers.
Anita was 8 years old when she lost her mother in a car accident.
Anita's father remarried when Anita was 10 years old, it was to a blonde haired, blue eyed woman named Judith.
At 13, she lost her dog Jenny. Three days later, Anita inadvertently raised her from the dead, which prompted her grandmother from her mother's side of the family, Grandmother Flores, a priestess of vaudun, to teach her how to control her burgeoning powers.
Grandmother Flores was a vaudun priestess. She encouraged Anita's father to avoid her side of the family and encouraged her Christianity. She was afraid for Anita's soul, because it would be hard to be both necromancer and vaudun and yet not be evil.
At the start of the series, she has been an animator for about four years.
Anita was engaged to be married when in college. She had had sex with her fiancé and his mother forced him to break the engagement. This is why she is very skittish about physical relationships and love.
Bert recruited Anita straight out from college. She had a B.S. in biology with an emphasis on the supernatural. She also minored in creatures of legend. While in college she had a semester in herpetology, taught by Dr. Greenburg.
At a particularly grisly murder scene, Anita threw up on the body. The cops in RPIT poke fun at her for it.
Anita's middle name, Katerine, is for her father's favorite aunt. When she died, Anita sensed her soul hovering over her body at the funeral. She didn't see the soul, though. This is how she knew it took three days for the soul to leave the body.
Anita got her diving certification in college. Just after she finished, though, she was in a diving accident in Florida which left her claustrophobic.
When Anita was still in college, one of her professors committed suicide but they couldn't find his body. Because she could not control her powers yet, he came back from the dead in three days, when the soul has fled the body, and entered her dorm room. Her roommate switched out of the room.
When Anita was little, she would have given anything to have a pink canopied bed and ballerina wallpaper.
Anita's fourth grade teacher was Miss Cooper. She used to hang Christmas decorations on the wall using sticky putty.
When she was in college, Anita studied comparative religion and has some knowledge of Native American religious practices, but not too much.
In her will, she has stipulated that when she dies, she is to be cremated. She does not want to be brought back from the dead as a zombie.

Guilty Pleasures

Willie comes to see Anita and asks her to work for the vampires on the vampire murders.
Anita goes to Catherine's Bachelorette which turns into a trap.
She recieves the first and second marks from Jean-Claude, the first to save her and the second to save him.
Anita meets the Master of the City and agrees to work for her.
Anita meets the Wererat king and later becomes friends with the local wererats.
Anita finds out a vampire she thought was dead, Valentine, is really alive and wants her dead.
Edward give Anita a sawed off shot gun. She kills Winter, Valentine, Aubrey, Nikolaos, Zachary, and Burchard.

Laughing Corpse

Anita finds out what would happen if she were raised as a zombie.
Anita is shot for the first time in by Cicely
With 2 human deaths, Anita managed to raise an entire cemetery by herself and subsequently put them to rest once more. She did this without calling them by name, which is also unusual. This is the first time that Jean-Claude admits being afraid of her (cautious is the word he uses).
She kills Tommy, Cicely, Enzo, Bruno, Dominga, and Harold Gaynor

Circus of the Damned

Her car is a 1978 Nova
Edward finally gives her a phone number if she ever wants to reach him.
she kills Calin Rupert, 'Smiley', 'Blondie', 'Ronald', Raju, Oliver, Karl Inger, and Alejandro

Lunatic Cafe

she has bought a deep green Jeep Cherokee Country
Richard proposed marriage. Anita says yes, but puts it off to give Jean-Claude a chance to win her over.
For Christmas, Anita gave Jean-Claude an antique cameo for his lacy shirts. She gave Richard a gold cross and made him promise to wear it.
She kills Alfred, Fienstein, and Deputy Aikensen

Bloody Bones

she has been working with RPIT and Dolph for about 3 years.
Niña was Anita's mother's nickname for her. Seraphina knew it and tried to use it against her to woo Anita to her side. She also invaded Anita's dreams and left the scent of Hypnotique, which was her mother's scent. Larry smells it as well.
Anita no longer considers Jean-Claude to be one of the monsters, which terrifies her all the more.
She kills Andy, Officer Granger, Ivy, Ellie, Magnus, and Bloody Bones

The Killing Dance

When Dominic Dumare comes to her for help, he explains that she is gaining notoriety in Europe.
Anita has been dating Richard steadily for seven months.
Anita chooses Jean-Claude
When Richard accepted the marks from Jean-Claude, he was able to share power with Anita during the Lupanar.
She kills James Dugan, Alabelle Smith, Gabriel, Raina, Sabin, and Harley
Burnt Offerings

Thomas taught her to call Richard's beast into herself so that when he was enraged she could calm him down by restraining his beast in her body where it would have no outlet since she wasn't a lycanthrope.
She kills some Revenant Vampires
Blue Moon

Anita gets a little better with touchy-feely in BM because of the wereleopards. Zane has an unspoken agreement with her that he can touch her for the sake of touch alone, but not to be sexual.
Anita fears that she is becoming a sociopath because she is able to blank her mind completely when she is about to shoot someone. She can also drain her face of all emotions, though she was not very good at it in the past.
Because of the marks, Jean-Claude is able to give Anita memories of Asher and she ends up feeling more comfortable around him because of it.
Anita almost never apologizes for being wrong. But she does so for Richard at least twice.
While channeling Raina, Anita inadvertently declares herself Frejya and runs away from Richard while the other werewolves chase after her for the chance to mate with her. Eventually, Richard catches up and they consummate their passions for each other.
After Anita and Richard make love, Anita notices that the marks between them are stronger and Richard admits that Jean-Claude thought that this might happen between them, which of course, annoys Anita.
When Anita reached out at one point to touch Richard, their auras converged and became one. Howard was able to see this.
In this book, the munin are very strong, especially Raina. Anita uses Marianne to help her learn to control them so that they don't submerge her personality and make her do things she doesn't wish to do.
For the longest time, Anita has been saying that certain events might break something inside her which would never be fixed again, but not until she saws off Thompson's fingers does this become a reality.
Anita is able to use the power of the munin and her links with Richard and Jean-Claude to heal Nathaniel of a fateful wound. After she heals Nathaniel, Richard declares that he has found his lupa and swears not to "audition" any other women.
She kills Archie, Chuch Cooper, Nikki, Donald, Thompson, and Wilkes

Obsidian Butterfly

At the start of OB, Anita is taking Kenpo lessons.
On the plane to Albuquerque, NM, Anita is reading Sharon Shinn
Edward admits that neither Olaf nor Bernardo are good enough to kill him, but Anita is, although he still has to slow down his reflexes a little for her.
Anita is unable to fall asleep in cars because her mother was killed in a car accident. But she is so exhausted and she trusts Edward enough to do so, which surprises her before she falls asleep.
Anita's Great-Uncle Otto is from Hapsburg, Germany which is why she recognizes Olaf's accent. Her father's family, specifically Great Grandmother Blake, is from Baden-Baden which is on the edge of the Black Forest.
Edward had a fake ID made for her: Anita Lee.
Anita tolerates Pinotl putting Ramona under even though she once would not have done so.
Anita discovers that much of her lycanthropic power from Richard is activated by smell. She is able to call power when she smells Seth's skin.
She has been sleeping with Sigmund every night since taking her "vacation" from the boys.
Agent Bradley had thought about inviting Anita into the FBI, but had deemed her too independent. However, his inquiries have moved her file up on the list and other folks are looking into Anita's past now.
Because Anita has been neglecting Jean-Claude and Richard, she has hole in her aura over two chakra points: her heart and her groin.
She kills Deuce, Blade, Simon, Alario, Shooter, Rooster, Newt, and Red Woman's Husband

Narssus in Chains

Although Anita went with Ronnie to a dance club for her birthday, she herself doesn't dance and doesn't do clubs.
In NiC, Anita finally admits to Jean-Claude in a phone call that Marianne suggested she close the holes between the triumvirate. She, Jean-Claude and Richard marry the marks at last and are drawn much more closer together as a result.
She owns a pair of five-inch spike heels that Jean-Claude gave to her as a gift, along with a more sensible pair.
Anita used a memory from Jean-Claude in order to defeat Coronus the first time.
When she is attacked by the snake lycanthropes, Gregory comes to her aid, but "inadvertently" uses his claws on her, There is the possibility she will be a true Nimir-Ra by the next full moon. But she appears dead and Jean-Claude is arrested for her murder and Richard takes Gregory because he killed their lupa.
She kills Jacob and Orlando king/Chimera

Cerulean Sins

Anita has yet another mug, which says, "If you slip me decaf, I'll rip your head off." This was in response to Bert switching their coffee from regular to decaf.
Anita, and the other animators, are considered full partners in the firm of Animator's Inc. Bert is now only considered a business manager.
Anita has been taking off on nights when there is a full moon in order to be available for her lycanthrope "duties," namely Bolverk and Nimir-Ra.
She now has a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and only has full car insurance if she keeps her car from being destroyed for two years.
Although she used to use an ointment made of Rosemary for raising the dead, she has discovered she is powerful enough not to bother with it anymore.
She kills Van Anders

Incubus Dreams

Anita forms a second triumvirate. Now she is not only bound to Richard and Jean-Claude, she is a part of a triumvirate with wereleopard Nathaniel and vampire Damian.
Bound to the two of them she sees into their pasts and they all find that they are gaining traits from the others. Anita also realises that she, Richard and Jean-Claude are also acting out of character on occasions. Richard for instance making comments that would normally have come from Anita.
In this latest instalment Anita's relationships take on a variety of turns. Nathaniel moves up to boyfriend status and she starts to realise that in a way she does love him and he is no longer merely someone who she must take care of. She starts to treat him as a grown man and not a child.
She also starts to realise that she is not treating Damian as she should do and makes efforts to ensure that he is happy at her house.
Her relationship with Jean-Claude and Richard takes on another new twist as Richard begins to come to terms with what he is and they decide to try to become a proper triumvirate. Although it is early days they all can see the potential if they do succeed in securing their power base.
Anita also starts to mend the rift between herself and Ronnie and their friendship starts to get back on its feet, although it is a far cry from what it used to be.
Marianne assists Anita in her relationships and Anita admits that Marianne is someone whose advice she values and that in some ways she is a counsellor for her.
And an Anita Blake book would not be the same without a new power and in this one it is revealed that Anita has acquired one of Belle Morte's powers. She unwittingly makes Damian more beautiful after they have merged the marks. This is a power that is very rare and even Jean-Claude does not have it. For Anita to have the power is a shock to everyone.
Anita also manages, with Jean-Claude's help to focus the magic that can be used to inflict injuries on others with only her mind. She successfully uses this against Primo. During this battle she lets Jean-Claude into her head as far as he can go and realises for the first time just how much her holding back has "crippled" them. In her own way she has caused as much damage to their power base as Richard has.


Anita and Micah go to Philadelphia
Anita raises the zombie
She gets shot in the right arm
she learns that she has 4 kinds of Lycanthropy; leopard, lion, wolf and an unknown

Danse Macabre

Anita thinks she's pregnant, the home test says she is but at the hospital they learn she's not.
It is suggested that the Ardeur is similar to sirins' power
Augustine brings out the Ardeur in her, leading to her becoming possessed by Belle. Jean-Claude shows up and helps chase off Belle, Anita and Jean-Claude feed the Ardeur off Augustine.
Anita's beasts start to be promblematic, trying to tear their way through her body. She manages to push the wolf down, she gives the leopard to Nathaniel and the lion to Haven.
Because of Auggie's power Anita is in love with Auggie and he with her.
While Anita is fighting mind to mind with Merlin, The Mother of all Darkness interups by entering Anita. Anita sees The mother make Merlin a Vampire.
Richard puts a cross in Anita's hand to fight off The Mother of all Darkness, it works but the cross melts in Anita's hand causing her alot of pain and a new scar.
Anita adds both Requiem and London to her list of men to feed the Ardeur off.
Anita nearly dies during sex with Asher because they both got caught up in it and he toook too much blood.

The Harlequin

Anita and Nathaniel go to a movie together. In the bathroom Anita finds a white mask.
Anita's ringtone is "wild Boys" by Duran Duran picked out by Nathaniel.

Blood Noir

Anita's Grandmother Blake is praying for Anita's soul. Appearance GP, LaC, CD, LuC, BB, TKD, BO, BM, OB, NiC, CS, ID, M, DM, H, BN