Name Meaning: Farmer

Race: Human

Status: Alive, presumably in jail


Height:well over six feet
body:broad shoulders. His shape is large and square



His wife was a butcher, and since her disappearance, he has taken over the business.
They have two children and have been married for 15 years. Her father is ninety-two years old and cannot run the butcher store that they have anymore, so George helps out.

Lunatic Cafe

George came to Animators, Inc. in order to ask Anita to seek out his missing wife, Margaret (Peggy) Smitz. She was a lycanthrope, due to surviving an attack from a few years ago. Anita passed the case over to Ronnie
George was having an affair at the time, as discovered by Ronnie.
It turns out that George killed her. Raina made him confess by terrifying him. He admitted to shooting her and then burying her in the back yard of his house.

Appearance LuC