Name Meaning: From Irving, Scotland

Race: Lycanthrope - Werewolf

Status: Alive

Title Reporter for the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

Powers: shapeshift

Hair:frizzy brown with a bald spot on top
face:round, pink-cheeked face. He wears a pair of round wire-framed glasses.



Irving is a lycanthrope, but in secret. Lycanthropy is treated like AIDS. If a person has it, they are often discriminated against in a job.
In college, he had a double major; English literature and journalism.

Laughing Corpse

He often helps Anita in researching things. She introduced him to Jean-Claude against her better judgment.

Circus of the Damned

Now that he knows Jean-Claude, he is sorry he doubted Anita. Irving is made to recall he is only Jean-Claude's animal.
We see Irving for the first time in wolf form. In animal form, Irving is a huge wolf with thick grey-brown fur, "fluffy and dry, as if the wolf had been freshly washed and blow-dried."

Lunatic Cafe

When Irving gets in between Richard and Marcus in order to spare Anita from being involved, he ends up almost getting tortured by Raina for it. But Anita steps in and offers her protection, thus accomplishing two things. She saves him from Raina, and declares herself as a dominant rogue in front of the pack.

Narssus in Chains

He is at the lupar.
He raises his hand when they ask who Anita has helped.

Appearance LaC, CD, LuC, BO, NiC