Name Meaning: "Clawed Butterfly" or "Obsidian Butterfly"

Race: Vampire

Status: Undead

Title Master of the City of Alburquerque

Nicknames: Obsidian Butterfly

Powers: feeds off the power of others

Age 1000 years old

Height:under 5 foot
Eyes:pupils are completely black
face:features are delicate
Skin tone:milk-pale brown



Anita can feel her leak power.
Itzpapalotl is a cruel master vampire who keeps her vampires in check by preventing them to feed. They can only drink blood "like gods" which means, drinking from a cut/sliced earlobe.
One of her vampires is a short, very Hispanic man, named Cruz.
About 500 years ago, four of her virgin priestesses were raped and left for nearly dead by twelve Spanish conquerors. One is short and square, another tall and thin, and the remaining two are both delicate. Their skin is lighter than Itzpapalotl's. Itzpapalotl transformed the women, and also turned the men into vampires so that the women could torture them "forever" using weapons called teyolloquanies (leather thongs with silver balls woven into them and attached to a leather handle). Of the original 12, only 2 remain alive: Diego and Cristobal. Until they are dead, the women have taken a vow of silence.
Itzpapalotl still holds a grudge against the Spaniards even after 500 years.
Her solid black eyes allow her to see the truth because they can discern anything from an accelerated pulse rate to hidden weapons on a person, because when she touches Anita, Itzpapalotl gives her that power. But, she cannot use it because she deludes herself into thinking she is a goddess and it's obviously not true.
Anita thinks Itzpapalotl might have been a Aztec sorcerer while alive.
Her power is warm and smells of exotic flowers.

Obsidian Butterfly

She gave Anita power to entice the Red Woman's Husband and resist his charms in turn.

Appearance OB