Name Meaning: From Laurentum, Italy

Race: Human/Animator/Necromancer

Status: Alive

Title Federal Marshal

Nicknames: Larry

Powers: raise the dead

Age 21(BO)

had sex with: Tammy

Childern:not born yet

Hair:short curly red so bright it is nearly orange
Eyes:soft spring blue



He wants to be a vampire executioner and when pressed, explained that in his hometown of Elbert, Wisconsin three years ago, twelve people were murdered by a pack of vampires. They were hunted by Brett Colby. Larry feels that since he's an animator and has partial immunity to the vampires, that he should become a vampire executioner.
His zombie bag is a virulent green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gym bag.

Circus of the Damned

He prefers to be called Larry and didn't answer Anita at first when she addressed him as Lawrence. He insisted on Larry.
Currently, Larry is in his senior year at Washington University and this is his semester of job co-op.
His car is a late-model Mazda.
In his first "battle" at Anita's back, he got three stitches on his forhead. His first scar, but hardly his last.

Bloody Bones

Larry's first murder scene was in BB where he got to see the apparent handiwork of a vampire. Three bodies with parts missing.
Larry is able to detect the scent of Hypnotique on Anita when Seraphina messes with her mind, which would indicate that he is a budding necromancer.

Burnt Offerings

On a routine staking, Larry was attacked from behind and got a stake in his back, which required 18 stitches to fix again.

Incubus Dreams

Larry is now married to Detective Tammy after a Halloween wedding


He calls Anita and asks her to take over his animating job because Tammy is in the hospital.

Appearance CD, BB, BO, ID, M