Name Meaning: Light

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Alive

Powers: shapeshift

Height:5' 6"
Hair:pale brown in an artless yet simple style
Eyes:pale brown



Lucy is a member of the Oak Tree Clan. Blue Moon

At one point, she and Richard were lovers, as Richard was striking back at Anita for choosing to be with Jean-Claude. While she had harbored deep feelings for Richard, he did not return the sentiment.
When Jason took a beating for Anita and the lycanthropes rode rescue, Lucy was the one to tend Jason's wounds, hinting at her medical expertise.
Lucy is part of an EMS crew that was on the scene to discover Betty Schaffer's body. She was the one that suggested Anita should look at the body.
When she discovers Anita has been with Richard, Lucy confronts her and Anita insults her. Lucy snaps and backhands Anita, knocking her into unconsciousness.

Appearance BM