Name Meaning: Elf Army

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Title The Earth Mover

Powers: move the earth, member of the Vampire Council

Age over 1 million years old

human servant Karl Inger

Animal to call snakes

Features He was a small man, like a midget, but having almost no chin and a sloping jaw, drawing attention to his wide nose and prominent eyebrow ridge.


Circus of the Damned

His plan was to remove Jean-Claude as Master of the City and become the new master so that he can control all the vampires. Once that is done, he will make them attack the city so that vampires are made illegal again. He does not agree with the current legislation and wants things to go back to the way they were with vampires being hunted.
Oliver has a human servant, Karl Inger , and a lamia named Melanie.
During the great battle, Oliver appeared to have killed Richard by ripping out his windpipe.
When Alejandro made Anita into his human servant, Oliver was unable to roll her mind. He tried to force her to kill Jean-Claude, but Anita stuck the ash stake into his chest instead of Jean-Claude's, and ripped out his windpipe for good measure as well. Once she did, it was simple to break his neck and toss his head across the circus floor.

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