Name Meaning:

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita


human servant Anita (for a short time until his death)

Height:about 5'3
Hair:long, straight
face:all flat, high cheekbones with narrow, almost slanted eyes
Skin tone:dark



Alejandro was alive before the time of the Aztecs and is still dark enough to pass as one, as opposed to being pale like normal vampires.
He is a rogue master vampire, working for Mr. Oliver, who made him.
Alejandro has made a pack of vampires for himself, consisting of at least two female vampires and a young boy who are all a minimum of 500 years of age.

Circus of the Damned

The plan was to make Anita his human servant so as to remove power from Jean-Claude. Alejandro did warn Mr. Oliver, though, that if he were to make her his human servant she would have free will, because she is a necromancer.
Alejandro was killed when Anita shoved her hands through his chest and crushed his heart with her bare hands. As he had already made Anita his human servant, this action also affected her too. He tried to use her lifeforce to remain alive, but Anita further crushed his throat with her hands. She survived. He did not.

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