Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Title "a god"

Age looks to be in his twenties, but his true age is very old

body:His arms are covered over with severed eyelids which blink
ears:Sporting turquioise ear spools in his ears
face:slender, handsome face



Red Woman's Husband is a vampire, but he thinks that he is a god.
Red is so named because the Red Woman is blood, and he, the husband, is the body for that life.

Obsidian Butterfly

He is responsible for all the killings. Red ate that part which made the people individuals and then skinned his victims, creating empty machines rather than zombies.
Red wears a steel helmet, a mask over his face, and breastplate. He also wears a necklace of tongues which writhes as if still alive, and a skirt of intestines.
Red took their skins to cover himself like a cloak. he also took various body parts for the following reasons:

Intestines "I wear the roots of their bodies so that all that see me will know that my enemies are empty shells and I have all that was theirs."
tongues "So that the lies of my enemy will not be believed."
eyelids "I will open the eyes of my enemies so that they may never again close their eyes to the truth."
breasts and penises "To feed my minion."

He tries to suck the life out of Anita, but she ends up killing him with a hidden pen-knife in the heart.
Later, Anita dug into his chest to remove his heart and Olaf cut off his head.

Appearance OB