Name Meaning: From The Town By The Weir

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased (Took his own life)

Powers: pyrokinetic, rotting, can go out in the sun(he only rots)

Age 900 years old

had sex with: Yvette

Animal to call butterfly

Height:6' 6"
Hair:bowl-cut hairstyle, his yellow curls falling just above his ears
Eyes:pale blue
Skin tone:pale



Because he was made by Yvette, Warrick is a rotting vampire. Before he was turned, he was a knight during the Crusades.

Burnt Offerings

Yvette is not a master vampire but Warrick is. Their master, Morte d' Amour has been masking Warrick's abilities. Once Warrick was far enough from from Morte d' Amour, his true power begins to show.
His general demeanor is one of old-style chivalry. He is very religious and attributes his ability to call fire proof that God is showing him mercy once more.
Warrick fought against Damian and thrust his sword through the other vampire's heart, nearly killing him.
When Yvette reveals her plans to make vampires hated so that they can hunt with impunity again, Warrick stops her by setting fire to her with his pyrokinetic abilities. He also ends up burning and killing himself.

Appearance BO