Name Meaning: Yew

Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased - Killed by Warrick

Title Envoy of the Vampire Council

Powers: rot her body at will, and reform it again

Age 1000 years old

had sex with: Warrick, Jason

Hair:white blonde
Eyes:greyish-green with tiny flecks of amber around her irises
Skin tone:pale white



Yvette is an old vampire, but she is not a master vampire and she never will be.
She is a rotting vampire, with the ability to rot her body at will, and reform it again.
Yvette's master is Morte d' Amour.
She created Warrick, and while she is not a master vampire, he is. However, their master, Morte d' Amour has been dampening Warrick's power for many years to hide this fact.

Burnt Offerings

Yvette orchestrated the vampire killings in St. Louis in order to bring about an age where vampires were monsters once more. Warrick ended up killing both her and himself using his pyrokinetic abilities.

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