Name Meaning: God Has Remembered

Race: Human/Animator

Status: Undead - Finally killed by Anita

Powers: to raise the dead

Weapons gris-gris


Hair: sandy blonde, cut short
Eyes:pale greenish



Zachary was an animator who had died, but had arranged to come back to life and sustain his life by the use of a gris-gris.

Guilty Pleasures

He was responsible for the vampire deaths in Guilty Pleasures in order to feed his gris-gris. He was also working for the master of the city at the time, Nikolaos, even though she had forced Anita to try to find out who was doing the killings.
After Phillip was killed by Aubrey, Zachary raised him from the dead in order for Nikolaos to use him to torment Anita.
Anita was able to kill him at last by dripping human blood onto the gris-gris which broke its spell and caused him to finally die.

Appearance GP