Name Meaning:

Race: Lycanthrope - Wolf

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita


Powers: shapeshift

had sex with: Raina

Height:at least six feet
Hair:black, cut short
body:slender, muscular build of a basketball player
face:a thin moustache and goatee


Lunatic Cafe

Alfred was Marcus' bodyguard, and when Marcus was goaded by Raina, he ordered Alfred to disarm Anita. This was a fatal mistake as Anita first warned, and then killed Alfred by shooting him in the chest.
Richard had considered him a friend.
Edward possessed a videotape of Alfred and Gabriel , hidden by a mask, in a pornographic snuff film. According to the tape, Alfred was the one that killed the female in the picture by crushing her jaw while he was in wolf form. Gabriel only fed off the girl after she was dead.

Appearance LuC