Name Meaning: Wealthy Guardian

Race: Human

Status: Alive

Title Death

Nicknames/alises: Ted and Death



Step-Childern:Becca and Peter

Height: 5' 8" or 5'9"
Hair:blond hair
Eyes:blue eyed
Skin tone:pale



Edward does not like to eat veal.
He has known Bernardo Spotted-Horse for six years.
Edward is a hired killer. It is not determined whether or not Edward is his real name. Ted Forrester is an alias that he uses for his 'normal' persona of bounty hunter. He used to hunt humans, but that got too easy. He currently hires out to get preternatural creatures like vampires and lycanthropes.
He often supplies Anita with more modern weaponry and considers her his "pupil".
One of his fantasies is to go up against Anita one on one to see who is better, but his only hesitation comes from the fact that it would be a one time deal and he does not wish to kill her.
He also customises his bullets, filling the silver hollow points with holy water and mercury, sealed with wax.

Guilty Pleasures

He has came to Anita seeking the name of the Master of the City. It was for Nikolaos, and together they killed her.

Circus of the Damned

Again, he has came to Anita seeking the name of the Master of the City. This time it was for Jean-Claude, but she did not give him that name. She made him think Alejandro was the Master of the City.
In CD, Edward gives Anita a business card with a number on it if she ever needs to contact him. A sign of the growing trust between them.

Lunatic Cafe

In LuC, Edward is hired to find two lycanthropes: Alfred and Gabriel . Both were involved in a pornographic snuff film and Edward was hired by the father of the daughter who was killed.
Edward drives a green Mazda.
Anita has pointed out to him that he likes to keep secrets for the hell of it. Its at this point that he realizes Anita knows him very well and just might give him a run for his money if they ever came up against each other.
Edward uses his alias, Ted Forrester, officially in LuC when questioned by the police over the deaths of Deputy Aikensen, Sheriff Titus, Carmichael, and Fienstein.

The Killing Dance

Edward was offered a contract on Anita's life, but he decided not to take it because hunting down the thing that was after her would have been much more satisfying to him.
To help Anita, Edward employs the use of Harley, but Anita kills him because he is about to kill her. So Anita must owe Edward a favor, to be recalled on a later date.

Obsidian Butterfly

When Edward calls in the favor, he has Anita meet him in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he introduces Anita to Ted's fiance, Donna Parnell. He had been dating her for about two years and had been her lover when he realized she expected Ted to propse, so Ted proposed to her.
Donna's friend Brenda is convinced that Edward has an old soul. Anita is convinced some folks can have old-seeming souls by doing alot of stuff in this lifetime.
Anita has known Edward for five years and only in Santa Fe does he reveal more about himself than he did in those five years.
Ted has lived in Santa Fe for at least four years, and two of those years have been in a relationship with Donna.
Edward admits that neither Olaf nor Bernardo are good enough to kill him if things go wrong, but Anita is.
Edward's house is adobe and looks either old or genuine, with the door painted a vibrant blue/turquoise color because witches cannot cross over a blue or green door, according to legend.
Edward believes he is Anita's soul mate, but not her lover because they would be too much alike.
Edward apologizes to Anita for the first time when she berates him for putting her to the test to see who has the stronger nerve.
Donna has taken Edward to two couple baby showers already.
Edward has never cut any slack with anyone, but he does so for Donna, which makes Anita think that it has to be some kind of chemistry between them.
Edward is known as the Undertaker and has been specially trained by Van Cleef. He has the highest body count of anyone that Van Cleef has trained.
One of the stipulations of leaving Van Cleef had been utmost secrecy and when Anita sees the sadness in his eyes at revealing this, she knows that he wasn't born the way he was, but had been made like a monster.
Edward is seeing a therapist with Donna, Becca and Peter. He honestly loves them all as Ted, despite being Edward.

Narssus in Chains

He is one of the few people who would leave Anita with a gun, but in NiC, he is out of state and could not have left it for her.

Appearance GP, CD, LuC, BB, TKD, OB, NiC(mentioned)