Race: Human/Necromancer

Status: Presumed dead - Death sentence

Title Vargamor of the Los Lobos Clan

Nicknames: Nicky

Powers: raise the dead, trap souls,

Age twenty something

wife / husband:Paulina

Features He is Hispanic and young-looking, about . His hair is a rich black and his face is unlined.



Nicandro owns the Los Duendos bar.
He is a Brujo (witch) and the vargamor of the Los Lobos Clan.
He is a dwarf.
When Nicky was ten years old, he first felt the Red Woman's Husband awaken. He has been listening to the "god" talk in his mind for ten years.

Obsidian Butterfly

Nicky uses his powers in order to punish the members of the Los Lobos Clan. He does this by draining their bodies (drying them out) and then fusing their bodies into a creature known as monstruo. There are at least 40 heads total, but could be more. Anita is the only one who realizes that they are not dead, but their souls are still locked inside the creature.
When his Ulfric, Roland Sanchez found out that he'd been talking to Anita, Nicky was beaten to within an inch of his life.
In the hospital, Anita threatens to drain him and have him buried while still alive unless he reveals the location of the Red Woman's Husband.
Leonora was used to place a magical barrier around him so that he would not be detected by the Red Woman's Husband.

Appearance OB