Race: Vampire

Status: Deceased

Title Second in command to Colin in Myerton

Powers: Rotting, Corruption

Hair:brown hair is cut short
Eyes:very brown and dark with long dark lashes
face:His lips are full, with an upper lip that is set in a perfect bow while the remainder of his face is all points and angles; nose too long, chin too sharp
Skin tone:pale



* Barnaby is a rotting vampire and has made most of Colin's vampires.

Blue Moon

* Barnaby is old enough to face a cross that Anita holds in front of her. In addition, he is able to rot, grab it, and fling it away from her, although the process leaves him in a lot of pain.
* Damian calls him a 'night hag.'
* Barnaby goes with Nikki to try to kill Asher, but they are thwarted. When he tries to attack Anita, he is stopped by Damian , and is presumably killed by him.

Appearance BM