Name Meaning: Bold As A Bear

Race: Human

Status: Alive

Height:6', give or take an inch
Hair:waist-length hair that is heavy, solid and black
face:soft, full triangle with a dimple on his chin and a full mouth
Skin tone:American Indian



Bernardo is called a "sometimes assassin and a bounty hunter like Ted" by Edward. He has also been a bodyguard.

Obsidian Butterfly

Bernardo was actually invited by Edward because he thought that Anita might fall for him and be able to put Jean-Claude and Richard both aside.
He is forbidden to date while in Albuquerque because Olaf is forbidden from "meeting his needs" as well.
Bernardo has known Edward for about six years, one year longr than Anita.
His mother was white and his father was Indian. Bernardo was told that he died before he was born. His mother gave him up for adoption, and when he was eighteen, he joined the army where he learned that he could shoot.
During the attack of the zombie creatures at the hospital, Bernardo sustained a broken arm and concussion. When he and Anita were trying to leave the hospital and were accosted by Marks, Bernardo conked him on the head with his cast.
At Riker's place, Bernardo has a knife sticking out of his cast, the blade stained black with his blood.
Bernardo is very handy with knives, able to draw it and then resheath it again in such a way that it appears to be a natural hand movement.

Appearance OB