Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Edward


Hair:dark, cut very short and mostly bald on the top
body:big man, both tall and wide



* Riker is referred to as a pot hunter, or an illegal dealer in artifacts. Obsidian Butterfly

* Two of his goons Tom and Benny were sent to the hospital by Edward when they hurt Donna and threatened Peter. He was trying to convince Donna and her friends not to interfere with his business. * His other goons include: Russell, Newt, Harold, Amanda, Maury, Simon, Deuce, Blase, Alario, and one other unnamed goon - one with dark hair. Also named, but not really seen are Antonio and Bandit, but they are killed off by Bernardo and Olaf. * He lives in a house on top of a hill with a long, gravel driveway. * Riker needed Anita to make a spell for him and she refused at first, but he persuaded her by kidnapping Becca and Peter. He thinks that the monster which has been killing his clients is going to kill him as well. * Upon escape, Anita shot him and punctured one of his lungs. Then, Edward shot him in the head with his Beretta .9 mil Appearance OB