Name Meaning: Strong-willed Warrior

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita


Age over forty

Height:5' 8"
Hair:pale salt and pepper color
Eyes:steady brown
body: trim and in shape



Wilkes has a simple wedding band on his left hand, as well as a jogger's watch.
Blue Moon

He is a corrupt cop, but there is no way Anita can prove it other than gut feeling. He actually admits to Anita that he framed Richard, but he hadn't realized the man was a Jr. High School teacher, which makes the rape charge hard to stick.
He send Chuck and Terry to try to kill Anita and crew, but they ended up getting killed instead. When he came with his deputies to Richard's cabin to confront her, he punches her several times in rage.
Frank Niley was able to buy him off with money.
Anita eventually killed him at the demon-summoning site with three bullets in his back.

Appearance BM