Name Meaning: Free Or Truthful

Race: Human

Status: Deceased - Killed by a demon

Height:over six feet tall
Hair: black and receding sharply in front
weight:three hundred pounds
body: giving the impression of size without look fat



Niley is an arts dealer, specializing in mystical artifacts. He does not particularly care how he gets them either, often resorting to violence and death to obtain what he wants.
He is based out of Miami, but is wanted for murder in other cities where he has visited - the only problem is, there is no proof that they can nail on him.

Blue Moon

He is the first person that Dolph advises Anita to just kill if she has no choice.
He has come to Myerton because Howard told him this is where the spear of Christ would be found.
Niley has two associates. Milo, his bodyguard and Linus his sorcerer.
Niley is killed by Linus' demon when Anita breaks the circle of protection around it. He is confused as to why Anita isn't dead because she is a necromancer and he believes her to be evil. She simply explains that she isn't.

Appearance BM