Name Meaning: Bald

Race: Human/

Status: Deceased - Killed by Anita

Title HAV member

Nicknames: Cal

Age 26

Job: Insurance Broker

wife / husband:Denise Smyth Rupert

Height: Not too tall
Hair: Long, yellow-ish hair
Eyes:blue or grey eyes
body: well built and attractive



He preferred to be called Cal.
He was married for 4 years

Circus of the Damned

Calvin was the first victim of the vampire pack led by Alejandro.
When alive, he was a member of HAV and had a dying will that stipulated he was to be staked if he was bitten by a vampire. Unfortunately, Anita did not think he was going to come back from the dead because he was bitten by multiple vampires. However, since one of them was a master vampire, he came back as an animalistic vampire and went on a killing spree until Anita killed him.
In the same manner, fellow HAV member Reba Baker was also killed, multiple bite wounds. She too had a dying will, made by the same lawyer.

Appearance CD